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    Hello out there!

    I had an idea to put some decals on my gas tank (WWII aircraft nose art), bought some special clear decal film (Testors) and a can of the sealing spray. Using a Kodak ink-jet printer, I had great sucess with the decal but, after soaking in water to slide the decal on to the tank, the ink just ran together. I tried again with multi-coats of the sealer, let dry overnight, with the same result. Next day, tried using multi-coats of clear laquer spray as a sealant, still no luck.
    Any ideas?
    Barry in Corpus Christi

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    I would try "sealing" the ink with wide packing tape, clear of course.
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    Alps printers.
    Model makers, etc use them.
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    Alps printer ? Sounds good. My Lexmark worked at first, some decals lasted a few years outdoors . New ink formula dissolves when wet,
    similar to using a Kodak printer mentioned in prior post. I even tried letting the decal paper sit overnight [ to dry ] before clearing it,
    same thing, prints great, than dissolves.