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  1. lerick

    lerick New Member

    im new to this and i dont really now any good places to find stuff for this and i need an engine to get started could anyone give me some links of some sites that has good cheap engines.

    much aprricated

  2. bamabikeguy

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    MB welcomes the Yoots of America....seriously, this is a GREAT hobby.

    But as you read all the different systems, you'll see that one constant is in the wheels, tires and tubes, that part is $80-100 minimum.

    You might save on the bike itself, we can help you if you put up candidate bikes from Craigslist, where most folks find bargain used bikes.

    I don't know enough about cheap engines, only that there are a few company owners of Chinese imported engines firms HERE, the list is on the left side of the screen.

    You will have fewer headaches by choosing an engine from somebody WE know, rather than a "price is only important" anonymous place on e-Bay.

    You're looking at about $450-500 ++ to get rolling, then when the addiction hits, look out !! (Cheaper than owning a horse, however)

    Welcome lerick.
  3. lerick

    lerick New Member

    wow really 450-500$? i seen kits that comes with everything you need for about 100$ and i already have a bike to use and thanks xD good to be here

    i love working with engines and stuff i just put a gas peddle on my tractor today for the **** of it lol it has higher rpms because i avoided the governer.

    and i seen these gas bikes on youtube and its really cool for my first i was gonna try a friction one just all i need is a motor like a weed eater motor
  4. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    DIYourself of course is cheaper, my calculation is $100 for a decent used bike, $100 for better rear wheel and tubes, then the kit and accessories, plus labor.

    I think the lowest total I've seen was under $350, but then I don't know if that bike is still on the road.
  5. Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith Member

    I'm just now finishing up my new bike build. I have about $200 in it.
    I got lucky and found a bicycle by a dumpster. It was nearly new and only needed the tires pumped up. It was in such good shape that I had the police run the serial numbers to see if it was stolen. I spent $155 (with shipping) for a 50cc Grubee Starfire Gen II engine from because I heard grubee had a good reputation for being a good motor. I also bought a big Schwinn cruiser seat from K-mart for $25. the rest was in spray paint, better spark plug and wire, a better fuel line, and fuel filter.

    Thrift stores, Craigslist, Trash piles, and even pawn shops are good places to get cheap bikes. I got a 1973 schwinn collegiate bike from the thrift store for ten bucks. I bought new tires online from for $30. After lots of elbow grease, shining chrome, taking the bearings apart, cleaning them, and repacking with fresh grease, I ended up with a bicycle engine candidate for a total cost of $40 to me. I decided to keep it original for the time being.

    My point is, if you are handy with tools and you keep your eyes open for a good bike you can get rolling for cheap. I bought and sold stuff on craigslist for a while in order to get $$$ for my first engine. has a 49cc engine for $98 plus shipping. Probably the lowest Ive seen besides Ebay.
    If you go with a Grubee engine. The 50cc one has a steel sleeve which suggests longer life to me. Chrome bores are good too but I understand there has been quality issues with some of the more recent ones.

    A good rule, is to buy from places where you can get spare parts also.
  6. lerick

    lerick New Member

    yea thanks im looking for things around 150$ dont wanna spend to much and yea i got my bike for free to i was driving back from driver license center (just got my license) :) and on way home there was a bike and bunch of other stuff at someones yard for free i got out and checked it and its good just needs new brakes some grease in bearings and a new chain 15 spd mountain bike (huffy)
  7. Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith Member

    The bike I just mounted the 50cc Grubee on is a 26" Huffy storm 15 spd. mountain bike. I tore it apart and painted it Army green. I had to ditch the front derailleur in order to fit the engine. I just keep it on the middle sprocket now.

    I drove it for the first time today. What a blast!

    If yours is a Huffy Storm, there was a recall on some models. The plastic brake handles would break on a few. Just Google " Huffy Storm recall " to get the details.
  8. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Its nice to hear you guys are getting up and running.
    Might want to check out and grease all the bearings in the donar bikes you find. Tighten everything and make sure the brakes are workng well. With the engine on it wear is more comon.
    There is a how to build a weed wacker somewhere floating around here.
    Good to you guys
  9. roygrady

    roygrady New Member

    Yeah have a look on ebay if you want to find a cheap kit
  10. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    get something from i got there 80cc one and i have over 3000km on it! i started by running 14:1 for the first 500km(it was horrible! smoky and stalling!) i then boosted it to 20:1 which is what i run now. i replaced every little nut and bolt and used some loctite on everything. i put a boost bottle on it and painted the covers. in the late 2900's km the little bevel wheel broke in the engine and i had to drag the bike home. i replaced that with a wheel from zoombicycles and they sent the wrong thing the first time. so i called them up and they sent me the right parts rush shipping, but they actually sent me like 30 bucks worth of stuff to make up for the 7 buck gear!!! very nice indeed. i replaced the gear and got out yesterday only for the motor mounts to break! so i am drilling and tapping that out now and will be up and running tonight! i have noticed no loss in power yet though it is getting very hard to start and taking along time to warm up before it runs rite. i think i will need to get new piston rings and cylinder soon. it will cost me around 40-50 bucks to do a full rebuild!!! what a steel! so i highly recommend oh and btw here is my bike
    ps. i modded my exhaust its way quieter stock.
  11. mikevanky

    mikevanky New Member


    Wow, you guys have ALLOT of money into your bikes...
    I got my bike kit on ebay for 120 dollars and I built a bike from the dump. THe only thing i bought besides the motor kit was a new inner tube that was like $3.00. haha
    I'm really cheap.:D
  12. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Member

    If im not mistaken, the Zoombicycles engine is the kit that is on ebay. the 'chinese happy time engine' or something like that. Thats what i have - runs good but every once and awhile, you figure out something wrong. (Oh ****! the clutch cable is fraying!) Zoombicycles has all the spare parts for the engine as well.

    It's still much cheaper to buy the kit and spare parts for it, because you save so much on gas IMO.

    I bought my kit for 180 off ebay, the 80cc (i think it's actually 67.5cc) happy time engine.

    I got my bike for 100 bucks from a pawn shop where my dad knows the owner. the bike was listed at 150.

    I have bought a new throttle, new bolts, new fuel line, etc. Totalling less than $25.

    Also bought twofish bikeblocks. (mounts for holding flashlights) and 2 cheap flashlights for about $20. Also bought a lighted blinkey rear reflector for about $10.

    So total, i have put less than $350 into mine.. but only because i got the bike at such a good deal.

    Look around. be patient. do some research.

    And welcome to the hobby!
  13. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Member

    FYI I have seen chainsaw motors.
  14. roygrady

    roygrady New Member

    Haha yea ebay rocks for the cheap stuff
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    you should be able to get rolling for around 250 dollars -- with all new things

    we have a Happy Time dealer here in Lakeside selling built new MBs for 300 dollars

  16. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    I started with a $90 beach Cruiser bike, $150 kit, and I was rolling. Of course I had to start upgrading LOL, 12 gauge spokes and heavy-duty rims, performance stuff, lights, etc LOL. i had about 1500 trouble free miles, but I just lost power and will probably replace the engine.
  17. HoughMade

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    I stopped counting when I broke into 4 figures....I find it's better for my mental health...and marriage.

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  18. if you have a bike,then it will cost you only $109.95 with free shipping from zoombicycles and nobody can beat that.
    i got my 48cc dualstart engine from for $186 including shipping and my bike a scwhinn del mar cruiser from walmart for $99. 18v head and tail lights system $60.
    total = $345+ i have into it.