Decent infomation from MFGR/SOURCE - re: 2-cycle engines



FYI - I recently bought a Tanaka PF-3300. The engine is set up to run with the gas tank in vertical position, meaning the filler is on top, with the long side of the tank below or down. This is good, as the tank will fill and use all gas, even if engine is canted a bit. BUT,

I noticed the intake for the fuel or fuel pipe in the tank ended some 1 to 2 inches above the bottom. This meant the gas below the fuel pipe would not be used and also meant likely the engine would run out of gas if not kept above that level.

I contacted Tanaka and was advised by a very friendly and knowledgeable gentleman (Dalton, ext 201) that the engine is primarily a tiller/scooter motor and the tank is usually flat or on bottom in horizontal position.

He also said that the gas mix is not only a fuel, it is also a coolant for a 2-cycle and it is not good for the engines to run dry. He suggested I try to locate a fuel hose or pipe locally, which I did, and reinstalled so the pipe is at bottom of tank on left Side from rear view, which seemed the lowest side. Hose end still moves across tank along bottom, however.

Moreover, I noted on another thread and on the Staton web site a suggestion that the first run for a gallon of mix be rich. Maybe wrong for Tanaka.

GEBE and Tanaka say that the engine cylinders are chrome lined and the factory mix is the correct mix, regardless. Rich mixes will gum things up good and reduce efficiency as well. And may affect engine running...

For what it is worth.