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    I have a Dahon Mariner 20" that is at least 10 years old that I use regularly and take along on trips in our minivan. I've been thinking on and off for a couple years now of motorizing this bike so as to extend its usefulness on these trips. I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum and others as well as vendor sites. What a wealth of information, but admittedly a lot of details to take in and comprehend.

    I'm pretty settled on a Honda or Robin Subaru 1.6hp four-stroke, but have been going back and forth over friction drive, a Dax or Stanton chain drive, or a DIY pocket bike CVT. A rear mount allowing the Dahon to still fold is a big plus. I ride a Honda Reflex 250cc scooter and really like the idea of a CVT for the motorized Dahon project. I'd love to take the Reflex along, but it won't fit in the minivan and I don't care to trailer or tow it cross country.

    The goal for me is a top sped in the 25-27 mph range - too scary to go much faster on the Dahon. I've narrowed my choice to either the Stanton rear-mount outside chain drive or the DIY pocket bike CVT.

    The CVT articles on this forum have been great, especially the post by TREEWK and others, but again for a new guy it has taken me a while to put all the details together. If I am able, I will go over to the CVT section to hammer out my potential CVT build plans.

    But I would welcome here any thoughts from experts on the choice between that and the Stanton kit I am considering.
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