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    i finally got an offer of settlement! (from an auto accident last september which i have accepted), and, am currently waiting on. so i now have a budget of £250 max to spend on a toy.
    i have a decent hardtail mtb, and, enough bits knocking round to build a tadpole.
    i have posted regarding my taddy idea.
    which brings me to my engine
    the legality of mb's here is dubious, infact, they're not legal full stop! so, im thinking, four stroke- for less noise, and better reliability.
    problem is, there is only one four stroke kit i can find, that, is at reasonable money and delivery time/cost.
    i shy from the happy times, as, ive read (on here and the other place) that the quality is super poor, and reliability is a major factor for me and i think i can cope with the performance loss
    on the other hand, if the ht's arent as bad as i have been seeing, there is a £70 odd saving to be had- so with this in mind can any one and everyone please tell me which of these two kits you would purchase -with your own money and the reasoning behind it


    4 stroke

    4 stroke

    2 stroke

    found another this one with a friction drive kit looks good to me and statton wants the price of an engine for his friction drive set up so any thoughts on this please?

    2 stroke
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    Your in the UK dunno how taxes and shipping works but check out Smallenginewarehouse for the honda gx35. Staton is high on his motor prices and you'll save $$$. Statons f/d kits are on sale now at a good price and your good to go. Thats what I would do depending on your costs. Reliable, quiet and pure fun.....if you go with the staton f/d kit only no motor and get the honda35 order the throttle cable from staton at the same time. Mistake I learned.
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    Welcome to the forum. Some members have gotten pretty good at hiding their installed motors under faux coolers, cargo bags, etc.
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    OP notice the F/D kits in your examples, they are only supported by 1 bearing not 2 in the channel housing. That would scare me no1, no2 folks have posted problems with alignment issues and bearing issues with that brand of F/D.
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    due to the dubious legality of these toys in the uk there isnt really a market for them, there is one company who drop ships happytime engines but i can order the exact same thing from ebay for 55 less. statton is properly expensive after factoring in duts and shipping leaving me with the options above.
    i WILL be buying one of them because as said they are all available to me at sensible money, at 300 i could buy a chinese 125 gy6 scooter, it just starts to be diminishing returns after 250
    the happytime is the engine that i suppose IS the scene. can they beimproved to decent reliability with new bearings bolts and copper gasgets and such? because of the built in gbox and the price difference i would then have available more funds to make such improvements.
    but that is the short list ( it is infact the complete list, there are a few variations on the happy time but i just posted the cheapest it has a pull start too!)
    so wich one and what improvements would you make to them
    @wheel bender, thankyou for the welcome but i have been here a while but im glad to make your aquaintance
    @darwin i had not noticed that no, if it has inherent issues probably best i give that one a miss then unless there is an inexpensive way to mount a 2nd bearing?