Deep gouges in sprocket from spoke hubs



I recently took out my powerbike that I made with the help of this board from last Fall.

While riding it to work, i got a flat. After changing it, I realized that my rim is bent and that I had two broken spokes.

I decided to move the sprocket to an old rear wheel I had. Well, I noticed that there are fairly deep gouges on the inside of the sprocket. They line up with the part of the spoke that connects to the hub.

My first thought is that I must have overtightened them on installation last Fall. I have read of a number who have changed there sprocket size and was wondering how 'normal' this is.

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You have gouges even though the rubber doughnut is there? That's pretty tight. A pic would help.
Umm, what a total idiot I am!

I was just looking over the pics from and for some reason, I put the rubber bushing on the wrong side of the sprocket.

Now that the 'damage' is done, I will see if I can take a pic and if you can let me know if you think it has weakened the structure of the sprocket at all. That would be helpful.

I will try to post later today.

I was wondering why I didnt see any post on this. Evidently, I am the only idiot to do something like this...
There should be one rubber doughnut on each side- one outside the spokes against the wheel and one inside the spokes with the spoked being squeezed between the rubber doughnuts. If the bolts are tight enough, the bolts themselves should never touch the spokes.

That being said, those sprockets are pretty thick- I would think it would be hard to structurally damage it, assuming it is not bent off plane, but a pic would confirm that.

An idiot? Nah- issues like that are why we have this place to share our info and experiences.
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