Defective Heavy Duty Axle Kit

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Mike St, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Mike St

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    Check this out: I purchased a Grubee HD axle kit and had it spoked and then installed it on my bike. I was shocked to see the sprocket snake. There were other problems with the sprocket like misaligned teeth, which I had to file.
    The sprocket screws over the hub, and the snaking can only be explained by a badly misaligned sprocket or misaligned hub threads that do not pass through the center of the hub. What can I say. Chinese manufacturing produces very inconsistent quality, like they don't believe in quality control. They simply do not know how to manufacture in metal, and I suspect they don't heat treat metal parts. Anyone have a similiar experience with the heavy duty axle kit?

  2. Buddy,I found out that Grubee and 90 percent of the china 2 strokes really lack a lot of quality control.And now only do Japanese,Italian,Or that rare chinese motor that Is worth using.I had motors blow up at 25 mph,throttle handle snap going down the road In traffic,Carb cable snap,etc,etc.I recommend ezmotorbikes,thatsdax,or piratecycles.I did this cuz It was cheap now 2 motors later 300 bucks In parts and repairs,And countless aggrevation and breaking down.I come to realize You get what you pay for.Sad but true.I am ready to buy either a ezmotorbike or thatsdax 4 stroke and maybe get the H.P.pirate cycle custom made motor.I think They are 2 expensive.But,With a 1 year warranty and reputable customer service.I guess It's worth It.
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    I ran into that. On the one I'm using, the (warp?) isn't so bad it hurts the ride.
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    Yep' they don't seem give a stuff about '' quality '' :ack2: they know the price is irresistible to most .

    Can't imagine their military gear would be hit or miss quality , China is capable of producing a descent motor kit for some extra $bucks ,
    I'd pay more for a reliable well-made unit !
  5. Mike St

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    Definitely, it's either misaligned threading on the hub itself or sprocket hub. I suspect the sprocket hub. My problem is I don't know if it will throw the chain at speed. Any suggestions for a solution?
  6. Try finding a better sprocket hub or sending yours back to the manufacturer and have It replaced.Wish I could help more.But,I am confused as you are on this
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    It's not as simple as that because spoking a new hub is an $80 fare. MS
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    Some Chinese products are of very high quality. Shoddy manufacturing produces shoddy products, no matter where it is made. For example, the Chinese made Hua Sheng 142F engines are affordable and of good quality. They seem to be the most reliable piece in the "USA Made" EZ Motorbike gearbox. (featuring Chinese and Japanese engines)
  9. Mike St

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    So far the dealer has not offered any solution or even answered my e-mails. Mike
  10. Mike St

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    There's one possible solution and that is to shim the sprocket if I can do it. If I can't I'm stuck, and will have to spend a ton more money to solve this problem. I sure wish the Chinese could do a better job. Really these products should be inspected by Don Grube before shipping them to the US. Someone has to act as a gatekeeper to remove defective products. The Chinese seem to believe it's acceptable to ship some defective parts for every shipment. Sprockets with crooked teeth are so simple to inspect, obviously no one is inspecting for quality, so defective parts get dumped on the US market.
  11. Mike St

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    Today I attempted to shim the sprocket where it is bolted to the free wheel and found it very difficult to accomplish. I improved it a little but could not get rid of the snaking, which I see clearly is caused by misaligned threading of the hub or the sprocket free wheel. It is hard enough to build these bikes but bad parts shipped by dealers can really foul up the effort. Why should have to solve their manufacturing problems? It's totally irresponsible to ship defective parts, both the manufacturer and the dealer are responsible, to make a few bucks. Eventually, someone will get hurt due to bad parts, and I hope it isn't me. Mike S
  12. Mike St

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    Now I'm learning something else: The chain supplied with the Grubee kit is inferior to a standard ANSI 41 chain, which has wider rollers, 1/4 inch. With wider links, the chain would be better at handling misaligned sprockets or sprocket teeth. I will buy a new chain. Mike
  13. azbill

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    the chains included with the 2smoke kits are all inferior to a good #41 chain
    (#41 chains are standard with an EZM kit though ! :))