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    This is Australia and i'm an Australian and i say, "this is madness".
    What a feeling it must be to complete the expedition as a team, battling wind, dust, sand, scorpions, dingos, emu's and your mind trying to defeat your spirit.

    I would like to compete with an unfair advantage, doing the whole 450 miles (700 kilometers) on a motored bike.
    I can handle being called a filthy cheat.
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    For those who don't know what an emu is, it's the second largest flightless bird and stands about 8 foot tall and doesn't take "no" for an answer when it wants something.
    The local aboriginies ride these birds with skill and perfection, just like a jockey rides a racehorse.

    In the Australian outback, we have the largest array of mean, vicious, venomous and downright nasty creatures on the planet.
    Suburbia was created for a good reason - to get a decent latte.


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    Fabian, there was a fad for emu "ranching" here a few years back, and when the "ranchers" found out that there was no real market for the miserable, mean tempered, viciously kicking creatures a lot of them got abandoned. As it happens, the piney woods of East Texas are a GREAT environment for emus, and they've gone wild (along with feral hogs) to the point of being a real nuisance. My son and I were going to a friends house near Hawkins, TX one day when an emu burst out of the brush alongside the road, ran beside the car for about a hundred yards, then stomped the hood down onto the engine as a take-off point to leap across the road. A new hood for a Toyota Corolla ain't cheap, and when I told my insurance agent the cause of the damage he flat didn't believe me. I had to get the body shop to hold onto the hood till he could come look at it and take photos with measurements of the three-toed footprint stamped into it.

    Bloody feathered dinosaurs.