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    I was told not to hone or deglaze my mirror cylinder. Said this was thin platting? I have new rings installed and don't know where to go from here? Senior help me. .I originally put new gaskets in as mine were non existant to start off. Thx

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    you can hone the cylinders once or twice (depending on what factory it came out of) before the already thin plating gets too thin. just remember that the idea behind honing isn't just to remove material, but to establish a cross hatch pattern so the rings can seat properly and oil can grab onto the walls of the cylinder. as long as you don't get too vigorous with it you'll be fine. I replace my cylinder every third re-ring, but since I'm running a single ring you should do it slightly more often than I do. not because my cylinders wear slower, but because my single ring wears faster than your two rings. every other rering is a safe bet.

    china girl jugs are incredibly cheap as it is so it can't hurt too bad to go ahead and replace it every or every other rering anyway.