Exhaust DEI Exhaust Wrap - advice?

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    Hello & DEI Exhaust Wrap - advice?

    Hello All,
    Mine is an 80cc engine from Powerking on a Giant Mountain bike. As everyone of these things is a really custom job and I'm a novice when it comes to gear-headedness, I had dude with his own shop install mine. He had to smash the frame to get the front mount on and take the front derailleur off, which sucked - but the engine runs great and I'm very pleased. I've ridden it up to the local video/ grocery store and I'm getting LOTS of stares. I'm definitely the first person in my city to cruise around on one of these. (I'm south of Nashville in Spring Hill, TN)

    My question is about exhaust wrap. I ordered 15 feet of DEI wrap. I searched and found several threads talking about exhaust modifications, but I didn't see any that talked about using this particular kind of wrap. Has anyone used this? Is it tough getting it wrapped around the neck above the expansion chamber? Do you have to use a silicon spray? Any other tips?
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    Also, this thing jerks and sputters quite a bit at low speeds. It seems like it's gotten worse since I first got it. I keep going back and forth on the idle trying to find a sweet spot, but without success. Is there something else I'm not thinking of? Should I be concerned?
  3. HI Lorin,

    Slow speed jerking is somewhat "normal" (if you have ever driven a stick shift car or truck
    imagine trying to drive it in second gear at a very slow speed....it will jerk too or stall out....same basic thing happening when you run really slow with a motored bike)..If you want to travel predominantly at slow speeds you will need to get a larger sprocket for the rear.

    Header wrap is used sometimes on cars to reduce under hood temps, reduce burns when working under the hood, and is supposed to help scavenge the exhaust because the exhaust remains hotter for a longer time...

    Hope this helps you....Have fun and ride safely.

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    hey i did this mod! heres a photo

    wraped it for looks, and if it adds performance, even better!:tt1:

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    Does it reduce noise?
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    if you soak it in water first it becomes more pliable and easier to wrap
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    I put a 2" bend, extension, and tip along with welding extra baffles inside the 2" pipe. then i wrapped it all the way back with that exact wrap. it looks great and sounds very throaty and also keeps the heat off of my back tire. i routed the pipe before i wrapped it so i was sure that the pipe cleared the pedals. Ill try to insert a picture. did you decide to use the silicone spray? im still contemplating it...


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    A friend of mine used this wrap on his race car. After a few years his headers literally disintegrated with little cracks all over the primary tubes- like glass.
    We think the heat cycles and the extreme heat the wrapped pipes get up to are what caused the wreckage.
    Needless to say, no one in his group of friends uses the heat tape and I don't recall anyone at the 2 tracks I used to go to using it either.
    Probably, on the little engines we use, the pipe will last a lot longer, but this is a "Heads up" on the pipe wrap.
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    Heat Wrap

    I put heat wrap on my expansion chamber, at first I wraped a few raps around and tied it off with tie wire then wraped the whole thing and at the end I tied it down with tie wire. Leaving the tie wire on I got slow cure epoxi and epoxied both ends where the tie wire was, holds good and a little quiter. About the jerking, mine does that to, even at 20 so I think Im getting to much gas, its got good power when I give it gas, but when I let up it jerks again. Thinking of moving the C-clip up one notch. Havent done it yet
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    This wrap will do NOTHING to make your exhaust quieter. All it does is help dissipate the heat, and keep you from burning yourself on the hot pipe/
    I think it's a waste of money myself because the last time i looked at a package of that stuff it was $50.00.
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    I used the wrap on mine for two reasons, to cover my ugly welds and for the prevention of 3rd degree burns while wearing shorts due to the position of my pipe. The heat through the tape is nowhere near as hot as without it. I can touch it with my leg and it won't burn me.

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    Thats why I put it on my expansion chamber, so it would not burn my leg cuse I had to put it up side down because of peddle clearence, and it does make the popping of the expansion chamber quiter