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hey, I bought that kit for my schwinn spoiler, 47cc pocket bike project!!! Unfortunately, because of hard starting (I mistakenly bent the reed valves a little looking for power) I took the combo off thinking maybe it had some weird fuel delivery, vacuum leak issues. Will reinstall after motor break in. Still hotrodded the stock pocket bike carb though! Discarded stock fuel shut off key,drilled out and enlarged fuel passage, then J.B. welded it. Enlarged jet w medium sized safety pin(very tedious, but works), moved clip on jet needle 2nd from bottom, added velocity stack that matches the carb opening exactly.( first v-stack I purchased didnt match the carb opening at all!) Sorry about the long tangent. I checked some posts at pocketbike planet and the general opinion is its a good basic carb for those who dont want to do alot of tuning. "you just slap it on and go"...hope this helps. sunofjustice


cheap velocity stack that fits

I bought a velocity stack (af308) from davesmotors that was intended for a 47cc pocket bike:
Its currently $5.

It seems to fit my Kings '80' stock carb perfectly with the choke removed. (the choke nut protrudes past the lip of the filter mount) I'm going to mark the position and drill out a little cavity in the solid aluminum so I can reinstall the choke before winter.

I'm hoping for a little performance boost (especially after I mount the boost bottle I ordered ;-) but I also really wanted to use a standard foam sock filter rather than the dinky plastic thing that came with the motor. I think this will allow me to do that.


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Woah. Looks meant to be. I would make another choke out of an aluminum can flattened down,maybe doubled over,drill or punch a small hole in the middle and get a longer screw on the right side so you have a pivot and have it go over the large end. Also connect a small bar between the screws so the choke stays aligned.Then just put a cut sock over the whole thing,or get a radiator hose to fit over the velocity stack with a cutout for the choke then sock over that.


I bought th' same type of v-stack from daves too. Two of them, one went on th' spoiler and th' other on my new mtb (pics are coming soon). I also had to drill a little cavity to allow th' choke to work freely. Oddly enough, th' new bike (new engine) would start for awhile then cut off. After a bit of cursing and head scratching I deduced th' stack was blocking a vent port or something so I took an old pocketbike "open" style v stack I got from another project and she started right up! In hindsight, I could of drilled another hole for venting but this method netted quicker results.


Large fillipino , great minds think alike. I use radiator hose to attach my air filter on my shinobi sinner bike (70cc mtb) and on my new project: th' blue oni (also 70cc mtb). A K&N crankcase filter works, and looks th' best!!!! Th' price is wack ($20)....but you get PLENTY of filtration and airflow! Alittle secret... if you fit a couple inches extra of th' hose before th' v-stack, you create a buffer for any fuel that "spits" back during engine operation. (reversion, I think) THIS KEEPS YOUR fILTER CLEAN. G'day, mate!