DeltaWolf Trike - 49cc


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6:02 AM
Mar 27, 2008
Calgary, Canada
Here is my work in process Trike with a 49cc engine.

The neigbourhood kids are stress testing it for me!

Not enough torque for my 190 lbs + 70lbs of the trike. Kid at 90 lbs can start off without pedalling. Changed from 11 tooth to 10 tooth last night. Now its a little better. Can only fit 44 tooth on the axle. If only I knew! - could have made space for the 56 tooth.

Top speed I got was 59 km/h (37 mph) on a little bit of down hill. 53 km/h on flat.

Now I'm planning a jackshaft to use existing bike gearing.
good lookin trike
did you build from atomiczombie's plans?
how is the handling under power ???
first motored delta I've seen :D:D:D

ps...have you checked out Alaskavan's trike ???
it's pretty darn kewl as well :D
Yes - bought 3 of his plans so far - very good.

I've done 59 km/h straight - no problem. Going around corners I have to go slow.

I found the frame cracked under the seat. Had to reinforce. Also looks like the 5/8 " axle has bent a little under the power.
Good looking trike. So you have to pedal to start off, so do the guys without engines.