Demand for Custom Length Throttle cable???


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9:30 PM
Nov 9, 2007
Duvall, WA
Is there any demand for a custom length throttle cable?

Just have had a few people ask if we supply them over the last month.......

3ft to just shy of 6ft in 1" increments....nice teflon cable in a nice housing.....low price. Any demand?
I would also say yes. If you're thinking of going the pusher trailer route, or installing on a tandem, a longer cable is a necessity.
There would be a demand but only low level,mainly because there are custom cable places that do it & even then most ppl make their own.
I reckon it's not worth the hassle factor....if we drop the price low enough to sell, then our labor is about what we are really worth. .05$/hour! :???::eek::)
Could a very small ' barrel ' be produced, one with a set screw to lock to wire ?
Seems the throttle slide ' pill ' end could be prefab, the other end of cable left bare.

This way, you could start at carb, route cable to bars, cut outer sheath to fit throttle, cut inner wire, and attach barrel stop, which fastens to throttle cam.
Possibly, some high tech [ uv cure ? ] adhesive could help the process, possibly a low temp solder ?

I don't think anyone wants to * wait * for a custom cable. The semi custom concept would get the job done quick . Thanks for addressing the issue, overly long cables reek of ' home made '