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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sparky, Feb 4, 2010.

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    C'mon sparky, it's 2010 - shouldn't you be ready to release your Democracy 3.0 yet?
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    Comrade Chomsky, gotta love him. Why don't you send him a email and ask for a handout.
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    Why would I need a handout? I know how to fish, my friend.. and I teach others to fish on a daily basis.

    I have also already emailed Chomsky, where he replied that I should check out some forums that I will more than likely check out within the next week or so...

    Googling "parecon forums at Znet", I came up with this stuff...


    Thank you for reminding me about these forums, kerf! Guess you're not totally good for nothin' afterall. :)
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    Don't mention it, not that anything you will ever do will amount to anything but keep on keeping on.
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    Sorry spankster, our current economic condition is result of what Progressivism 5.0, Marxism 3.0, Socialism 10.0, Liberalism 7.0 or whatever you people call yourselves at the moment. And you know I'm right.
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    the fact this guy chomsky has the time to return an e-mail to somebody like you in a timely manner just furthers my conviction this guy is an utter loser...

    How much time does this guy have on his hands between propaganda sessions to return e-mails to the mindless flattery???

    Answer... people like this dont produce anything. They sit around all day complaining about how sh!tty everything is whilst doing absolutely nothing about any of it except spread contempt and misery in the form of stereotyped scapegoats and fallacious hope. Usually in the form of anti-capitalist propaganda and promises of equality and tolerance for all... meanwhile it is the exact capitalism they speak against that makes there very existence possible. The excess and surplus that capitalism brings allows us to have marginal members of society like yourself and chomsky that produce nothing of tangible monetary valuable, or that would affect our trade deficit in any positive way. Instead you just suck off the extra produced by those people that wake up and work tirelessly everyday to point of exhaustion... to the point they cant even defend themselves against the onslaught of over-legislation that seeks to enslave them soley to perpetuate the existence of people like you.

    You are like the burnt crust you have to scrape out of the waffle iron because too much batter has been poured in. It doesn't taste good and its a pain in the *** to scrape off and remove.
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    Umm... was that email dated or something?? I got it on 9/12/09... do you know when I sent it?

    That's a really good question... why don't you ask him. You might hit his assistant the first go 'round, like I did... but he just told me to reply to him next week after Chomsky returned from his lectures et al.

    It's interesting that you'd call the alleged "most intelectual person of our lifetime" a "non-producer". The dude speaks all over the world, creates books like it's nobody's business, and then he spends hours every afternoon responding to people who feel like he might be a decent "guidance counselor". He is nothing short of amazing, if you ask me. If only he had some inflection in his voice, perhaps more people would listen to him...

    I've already provided you with his contact information, so you could tell him directly how you really feel about him. Why not just do that and post his response here?

    Too funny, man. Really... keep up the great work.
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    so what exactly does he produce that contributes to GDP??? Ideas dont help our trade deficit... the guy working the assembly line at acme cogs company does.... the guy at joe schmo paint shop does. Chomsky just produces people like you... not much help towards our debt to the chinese. Did I miss something???

    I checked out some of chomsky's work and didnt find much that I wasnt expecting...

    here is an excerpt from a description of one of chomsky's books... The Problem of Knowledge and Freedom

    note the sentence in bold

    "The book is divided into two parts. Part 1, On Interpreting the World, is a synthesis of Chomsky and Russell's empirical principles of human understanding, based on their discoveries in linguistics. These principles are applied in Part 2, On Changing the World. Chomsky analyzes the politic happenings of the twentieth century and describes how his conclusions about knowledge provide answers to the problem of freedom."

    anything sound strange about that to anybody else???

    this book is dedicated to one of chomsky's hero's Bertrand russel who was the founder of a few progressive schools in england and an all around anarchist/socialist/progressive supporter and activist that literally spent time with lennon himself.

    its just as I thought... chomsky is just your average communist/leninist parading around in independent/libertarian clothes claiming to have all the answers to societies problems. Its cool... the American people have caught onto the scam and have begun the vaccination process. The only people going to be left are the losers like you that cant see the difference between somebody that produces value and somebody that produces agitation and anarchy.

    I am seriously considering going back to school next year to get a degree in history... with a focus on eastern European peasantry. I got a taste of academic history and just cant seem to stop thinking about it. There is a really good professor that I took a couple of classes with that is on leave in Koc doing research right now... when he comes back I am going to ask him if I can sit in on some of his classes to see how things go.
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    Yes, you missed a lot, really. Like... analyzing Chomsky and the rest of his followers. Analyzing sparky is not an analysis of Chomsky. They are not the same. They only have a similar understanding... but not even CLOSE to the same.
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    100% correct.

    Chomsky makes money from his sycophantic followers spouting his political views, sparky has no legitimate form of income. (or so he says, although I think he works at a cell phone kiosk in a shopping mall)