Democracy within a commonwealth (or within a republic, for the Americans)

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    Like Russian nesting dolls, one fits inside the other. Key difference? In a commonwealth, sovereignty resides in the people, whereas in a democracy the state is the sovereign. Think about this for a moment, for like I said, it is key. Start with minority rights. Are there any? Obviously there are in a commonwealth, but in the case of democracy, majority rules, so it's not so clear-cut unless the democracy is voluntary. Voluntary participation? Suddenly it gets simple again, as uniting with the majority was a choice, so there is no loss of minority rights.

    In the words of Douglas Adams, "Anyone intelligent enough to deal with politics, is intelligent enough to stay the hell away!"

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    Democracy in a nation of 320 million is impossible. Think about it, 300 million needing to vote on every single issue that needs to be voted on. That's why we have elections in a representative republic.........stuff changes but slowly, look at major issues like women's right to vote, *** issues etc. Our system, congress ie. is designed to work by compromise and consensus. That's one reason even small population states get 2 senators to match the power of the behemoths like CA, TX etc.
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    Do you mean a representative democracy within a repuplic? If not, and you meant "representative republic" like you said, then I have to ask: Who holds sovereignty?
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    im listening as democracy seems a trojan horse. currency leads to scarcity..... ie burning diamonds to keep prices high etc etc.
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    The democracy of ancient Greece was direct, the people came to the stadium to vote on issues.
    Representative democracy is flawed because the representatives can be influenced by greater powers so that they no longer represent the wishes of the majority.

    I love America. It was the greatest country on the planet.
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    A representative democracy is even more problematic than a direct one, but even a direct democracy has it's problems. Not the least of which is minority rights. You speak of aincent Greece as an example, and it is a fine one. Socrates was put to death, not for any wrongdoing, but because the majority found him unsufferable...