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    Well guys I've spent about a month reading up on this board, learning all I can about MB's. It can be difficult (for me anyway) grasping what will work well, look cool etc. My bicycle knowledge is very low so that doesn't help. And I think the popularity of this "hobby" is in it's infancy so the available info out there can be lacking at times. Im just starting to piece one together now.

    Anyway I needed a decent twist throttle and kill switch setup for my 26" MTB (rack mount). I googled and eventually found dennis kirk. I settled on the items below. Whether they were a wise choice or not remains to be seen. But I thought I would use this thread to update with my experiences once the items arrive and I am able to install them. Nothing revolutionary here or anything, just a twist grip setup that I hope turns out well and maybe somebody was looking for something similar. The DK website has a ton of items, its was enjoyable just browsing and getting ideas for other things.

    Twist throttle -;jsessionid=RRLBMEEKKZ44HLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=51247

    Grips -;jsessionid=AYGVKV5Y1DKLPLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=594294

    Grip Stick -;jsessionid=AYGVKV5Y1DKLPLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=591108

    Throttle Cable -;jsessionid=AYGVKV5Y1DKLPLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=H19014

    Kill Switch -;jsessionid=AYGVKV5Y1DKLPLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=212236

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    Thanks for the links Stringer and good luck with your build. Please keep us posted as to the quality of these parts. Some of these parts that come with the kits leave a lot to be desired.