Denver Police Smash Man’s Teeth Out On Sidewalk

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  1. Ozi

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    August 14, 2008

    DENVER - The Denver District Attorney's office has dropped its case against a man who was facing three years in prison for assault,
    after 9Wants to Know obtained and showed prosecutors a videotape of the man's arrest.

    The Denver Police Department has also started an internal investigation.

    On the video, which was shot outside Coors Field on the home opener of the Colorado Rockies game on April 4, undercover Denver Police
    detectives hit, kick and choke John Heaney.

    "They both unloaded on me and I started seeing stars and the whole thing was just bam, bam, bam after that," said Heaney.
    "Someone had a chokehold and they were all on top of me and I couldn't breathe and I thought I was going to die."

    Poor guy , if he had a motor on his bicycle maybe he could of got away from those scumbag so called police officers :-x
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  2. az cra-z

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    Practicing for the Dem convention, perhaps?
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Its Denver, he's probably a Democrat and got what he deserved from his democratic Mayor who won with 87% of the popular vote.

    I can't wait till the convention. They got makeshift prisons already built and they are calling them Gitmo on the Platte (Platte river).
  4. Mountainman

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    This - IN THE REAL WORLD - happens way too often
    and then they charge you with ASSAULT - to cover their rear ends

    don't ever think that these things don't happen -- and worse
    my father was an asst cheif of pooolice
    while working his way up through the ranks
    one night working with another officer
    the other officer asked my father to
    my father told the other officer to
    back down.....

    also have a family (close) member right now
    about ready (been over 5 years) to take many law agencies to court
    for beating him down -- FOR NO REASON !!!!!!!
    yes -- the GOOD OLD COPS AND FEDS
    also arrested this INNOCENT man for assault on an officer
    but - that was thrown out in one of the first court hearings
    due to the fact that there were many that were witness to his beating...

    If no one had seen this family member beaten by the cops
    he would now be doing around 5 years in prison for
    assaulting fed officers...

    BE CAREFUL OUT THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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  5. Torques

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    That's exactly right, if the cops screw up they'll screw you.
  6. astring

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    What makes me wonder is why the cops never go to prison for assault. The worst they get is they are fired.
  7. mark2yahu

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    Be careful, Californians. Denver cops will stop you on the highways, especially if you're a person of color; just to let you know you're not welcome there.
    We've vacationed in the Silverton and Durango area of Colorado....that experienced scarred me for life. They'd help people on and off the train, but not us :( There'll be H** to pay on judgement day.
    The conductors would frown on us and would not answer our questions, or even talk to us. We couldn't find a motel, even though there were plenty of vacancies, so we drove on to Arizona and slept there. Had a great time in Arizona and NM, btw.
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  8. spunout

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    dang. they removed the video.

  9. Mountainman

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    Yes - in most cases that is very true

    a few in NY and LA went to jail for short periods
    but note - some innocent ones were shot by the pooolice and crippled for life and many sent to jails and prison for what was proven later
    NO REASON...

    it's sad because I love this Country
    I retired from Civil Service

    Let it all go with this -
    while working for the City years ago
    our storeroom clerk was a part time sheriff - weekends
    he used to come in on Mondays and brag about
    beating drunk people up..

    Ride That Thing -- NOT ME ---- Mountainman