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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bluegoatwoods, Dec 25, 2008.

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    It's starting to hurt. I haven't motored since about Thanksgiving and I haven't pedalled in about three weeks or so. My bikes are sitting outside the window as I look and I can't even ride them.

    There's only one thing left to do; I'm gonna have to start tinkering with them.
    Soon I gotta go over to the in-laws for Christmas dinner, so today's out. but in the morning those bikes are going down to the basement. And I think the project that's forming in my mind will be something with two steps.

    First I'll do the normal stuff that I should have done right from the start with my happy times. Replacing the hardware with better stuff, for instance.

    During the fall I modified my pedal bike with home-made hard saddlebags and front cargo carrier. Can carry quite a load, as a matter of fact. I think I'm going to have to combine these items with my motor assisted bike. Done right I might be able to do without the cargo trailer. Perhaps I'll work on some decent fenders. Perhaps even some leg guards like you'll find on old European scooters. And maybe I'll use some of the pedal bikes parts on the MB. That means I'll need to put together another pedal bike, but that's a small matter. Maybe I'll even take out one of the frames that I have lying around, paint it, and make an MB that doesn't look like the Clampett's old truck. But that's only a maybe. Though I want a truly good looking machine, I don't want the hassle of worrying over protecting the good looks. I'll have to think about that a bit.

    My daughter got a cheap digital camera for Christmas. It's likely that I'll even be able to post photos. I'll do it if I come up with anything that's worth seeing.

    I have a long history of partying with my father-in-law. they're a "lively" family. But I've gotten kinda burnt out on it. I just don't crave that beer like I used to. but he's still going strong. I still go ahead and drink with him on holidays, though. I hope I'm not too hungover to get started. but if so, I'll just start on Saturday.

    I guess things could be worse; I'll have a bit of fun today and then I'll use the deep, dark winter time to make improvements on my bike and be ready for the riding season. Things are looking up.

    Maybe some of you out there have similar plans?

    Happy Holidays.

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    Yea the weather here is stopping me from Riding my NE5 whizzer the 30 miles to the metal fab shop where I Work as a painter to weld the headlight mounting bracket back on. While it's there I plan on doing some paint touch up and detailing also.I can do Everything but the tig welding at my House but need to do that first before I can do the other stuff.
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    I hear you bro. We are entering our second week of 2 feet of snow......dang....