Derringer Cycles Type Gas Tank Conversion

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    This thread is meant to document the customization it takes to fit a (Derringer Cycles type) General Moped 5-Star gas tank to a Schwinn cruiser bicycle.

    This tank holds a whopping 1.8 gallons!
    It also lowers the fuel tank center of gravity.

    I bought the gas tank from as new old stock.
    (note: this tank is not listed on their website, you will need to call them to order)
    Call BJ in parts there at 614-299-0550
    $50 (+9 shipping) is sold out of OEM gas caps and petcocks to fit that tank.

    it needs a Yamaha QT50 petcock.
    I purchased the petcock from
    It was $35 (+7 shipping)
    call: 317-787-7142

    The OEM gas cap is a flip-type cap.
    no luck so far on locating a gas cap.
    I could use some help here if anyone knows a good substitute cap or where to procure an OEM cap.

    The tank measures 17 inches in length by 8 inches wide by 7 inches tall.
    The inside of the gas cap opening on the tank measures 1 and 11/16 inches.

    The attached photos below show the tank, schwinn bike I will fit this to, petcock, and OEM mounting parts.

    I am open for comments on mounting ideas, type of paint that will be gas-proof, finding and fitting a gas cap...

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    Great Find, I was just loking at your schwinn today at Fred Myer. 149.00
    Seems like a good bike. I like the luggage rack.
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    I've read in the past that the General caps can be hard to come by and when they are available they can be very expensive. You at one point indicated that you were going to replace the filler bung? There are several/many companies that make filler bungs and caps This one is located in SoCal not far from me and they have two different sizes available and they are also available in both steel and aluminum. You would need to add a vent but these are available from just about any motorcycle shop/parts supplier for $7.00 - $15.00.

    As for mounting options If you decide to change the filler it would also be a simple matter to add some mounting bungs/tabs to the front and rear of the tank as well.

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    Thanks for the info...
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    Possible Gas Cap?


    I came across a generic pop-up gas cap today while looking for a cap for my recent tank purchase. its all the way down at the bottom of the page. It might be worth an e-mail or phone call to see if they think it will work on your 5-star tank.

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  6. My kit gas cap fits my Garelli moped tank. Have you tried that?