Design of Original Slip Clutch

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    My bike has the original slip clutch and I believe it to be working properly. With the advanced cam gear and Quenton's new lifters, my NE motor has more power than what the original slip clutch was designed to handle.

    For example, I was riding up a steep hill near my house that I can only go up in my foot pedeled bicycle in first gear at a very slow speed (~5 mph). My Whizzer made it up at 15mph but the engine was revving as if it were doing 30mph because the torque on the drive system was high enough to cause some belt slippage. I believe that is the proper functioning of the drive belts. However, I'm certain the engine could have pulled at a lower speed without stalling.

    Question: Can the drive system be "tightened-up" to allow for additonal torque transfer or does it load the drive system to an unsafe level that might cause damage to belt/bearings or other structural components?

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