Desperately seeking THIS gas tank...

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    I've been searching for one of these gas tanks (pic attached), and have had no luck. Imperial Cycles shows it for sale on their Blogspot site as a "custom boardtracker gas tank" which is apparently Italian made, and "new old stock" . But they don't seem to be an active business anymore (no answer on the phone; no response to emails).

    Derringer Cycles seems to have used this tank exclusively on their pretty bikes. But again, they don't seem to be in business any longer.

    I've contacted many other potential sources of information, such as members of this forum who have posted photos of their bikes with this tank mounted.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...and rewarded.

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    Hey there mate, I emailed imperials about 2 weeks ago about that tank, Total for the tank and shipping will cost $237 to australia. that's what I got priced up for 2 weeks ago =/ ..
    Good luck dude! there a nice tank.
  3. Max-M

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    Josh: I would not send any money for that tank from Australia if I was you.

    I wanted to make sure that the tank was in stock and ready to ship before I placed an online order. With so many online businesses coming and going, you've got to do that.

    When I phoned the number on Imperial's site, I got a phone company message saying that "the subscriber has not yet set up their voicemail account." When I emailed Imperial inquiring about the tank (twice in 3 months) I got no response.

    I think these guys are dead in the water...
  4. DeathProof

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    that tank is fugly as **** why would you want that??? id take the teardrop tank we got over that anyday!
  5. DeathProof

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    cant say hel-l?
  6. Max-M

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    DeathProof: I'm telling your Mom that you were up late playing on her computer again.
  7. DeathProof

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    lmao! shhh dont pleasssse :banana:
  8. Big Red

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    I'm with DeathProof on this one. That is one butt-ugly tank. (can ya say butt?) I guess we'll find out.
    Big Red.
  9. Max-M

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    Aw, come on guys!

    I made an inquiry saying that I'm looking for this tank. So obviously I like it.

    So why on earth would you take the time to comment saying how ugly you think the tank is? It doesn't bother me personally, but I'm curious about what would drive adults to act like kids on a playground in this forum!

    I wouldn't be caught dead riding a bike with a banana seat or apehanger bars. But I'm not going to slam somebody who think's that's a cool look. Different strokes for different folks.

    Now, each of you: Go stand in the corner quietly until I tell you that you can go back outside and play...

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    Sorry Dad, I'll just go quietly to my "time out" corner now.:icon_cry:... But I don't have to like it. :taz:
    Big Red.
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    I love you guys...

    Actually, the "banana seat and apehangers" look is way, way cool. But I just couldn't pull it off, cause I'm such a traditional, vintage-type guy...and I live in a very conservative community. (People think I look like a U.S. Senator for crying out loud!) But I LOVE all types of MBs.

    OK: We're all best buddies again, right?


  12. Big Red

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    [OK: We're all best buddies again, right?]

    We alway's were!
    Big Red.
    P.S. I look more like the Zig Zag guy.