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  1. jl0131

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    would anyone happen to have some detailed pictures of their engine setup. what im looking for is really how the clutch should be put together im confused at to how this thing is supose to be put together and how it works. any input will help.

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    There are drawings on the websites where they sell parts. Try The clutch is easy on my starfire. Remove the retaining screw. Unscrew the clutch plate adjuster. It comes off and there's a spring and behind it the clutch itself. A bar goes to the opposite side where there is a lever which pushes it back and forth. Push it towards the gears and it opens a little. Release it and the clutch and the clutch plate are together.
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    thanks, those sites helped alot. bikes almost done i just have to wait for my chain tool now to shorten the chain. unless someone has a method to do it with out the tool.
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    save the master link (it has a clip on it.) But I have to use a grinding electric hand tool that you can get for about 30 dollars. Get the one with the five inch disc. Then you grind off the little nub which links it and voila, the chain falls apart. Try not to hurt yourself and wear goggles. GEt the right length for sure, though.
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    you think a dremmel would work?
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    dremmel will work. can use a punch or nail to tap pins out after ground.
    might carry extra master link with you.
    half links are well worth having.
    install the master link right. with master link on top,open end tword rear.
    i think,good luck
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    wal mart -- many carry chain tools -- around 8 bucks
    one is not needed -- can use grinder or file and punch or nail
    but we are only talking 8 bucks here -- and a fast trip
    makes the job so easy.......
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    Very easy & so universal with a hammer & nail punch.
  10. thescooterguy

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    i drilled a hole into my table vice and another hole on the opposite side , were i put a pin just drop the chain in , line the punch pin up with the chain pin and close the vice pushing the chain pin out into the hole on the other side , works for all dif sizes .
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    For the grinding the pin off approach...

    i used a dremel to grind off the entire head of the pin, then pried up the side of the chain link with a chisel. once i got it off that last little bit of pin, i bent what was left to get it off the pin

    be very careful which link (pin) you are grinding... getting the wrong one could suck.
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    my solution...
    hit it with a hammer with a wrench under it till its flat with the top, then hit it with somthing thin enough till you can get the 1 side out
    then beat it more until you can get the link off(remember, each link is 2 parts, remove from the proper 1)
    a thin flathead/slot screw driver fits perfectly between links and prys them apart when hit with a hammer, although i did get the screwdriver stuck at first haha