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    Hello bikers! I'm new to posting, but I've been riding a 35cc 4-stroke bike for quite some time, and I've been lurking here for a long time, watching the fun and the good times people make with their awesome bikes!

    I'm liking my Honda GX35, but it's kinda slow. I'm looking for more power and I'm out to build a much better bike. I want to get a lot of speed, however I also see you have a lot of jerks here that don't like people to go fast, so before I decide to tell you my new bike and fast engine plans, I'll watch what I say and learn a bit more first.

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    Hello and welcome to MBC! I see you have a 4 stroke, but if it's kinda slow, try a bigger engine like a 50cc or 79cc 2.5HP OHV engine, or if you demand more power, there's also a 196cc 6.5HP OHV engine that will be more than enough power! My 6.5 gets me everywhere, and get 100MPG, and it's great enjoyment! I also have it ungoverned and breathing well and getting 8HP! :devil2:

    Don't worry about the jerks here. Most of our members are VERY good folks, but it's just a choice FEW that want to ruin it for everyone. I don't care what anyone thinks, I'll proudly state my hot-rodded bicycle. They can eat my dust and suck on my exhaust pipe!

    Go ahead, it's OK to post your plans for more speed and power, you have my support, along with MANY others here!
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  3. stude13

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    welcome to a very diverse and congenial group of bikers. you can find 49cc engines that will turn 10,000 or more for 125.00. which might get you the speed you want but then the bicycle needs bearings and brakes to live very long. good luck
  4. graucho

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    Im for safety. If your bike is built to handle the speed, do it. Please ride somewhere not
    to draw attention with the police and give the MB movement a bad name.
    Otherwise, do 90 and knock your socks off. :smile:
  5. az cra-z

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    It's not US that don't like people to go fast, it's them **** cops!! Welcome anyway, and second the suggestion for good brakes, etc.
  6. Hawaii_Ed

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    I am in Hawaii too! Ever have any problems from the police? I hear motored boikes are illegal here!

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  7. Mountainman

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    it's your thing do what you want to do

    might be a good idea....

    after some time on site -- you may ???
    understand more regarding what is called in one thread

    Safe Speed For A Motor Bike Is ???

    or possible post your own thread in time -- such as
    due to high speeds --

    Now Motor Bikes Are Illegal Here !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
  8. srdavo

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    There is no need for name calling here, guys.
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Aloha bruddah,

    E Komo Mai(Welcome).

    Please look again. I see that we have a lot of fine people here who enjoy the bikes and the commaraderie.

    It was pono (right, correct) that you started from humble beginnings with a mild-mannered dependable engine . My first build was a Robin 35cc engine on a 20" Dahon folding bike. Before you get speed and power, it is wise to learn self-control, courtesy and consideration for all who share the road, ESPECIALLY the bikepaths. When approaching others, slack off the engine, pedal and smile to them.

    Be humble, no grumble as the t-shirt logo says.

    And as Spiderman says, "With great power comes great responsibility".

    Patience, my friend. As my grandmother would say "You cannot learn nothin" if the mouth is open and the ear's not listening".

    Welcome aboard.