Diable mas fina

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    Diabla mas fina

    Here is Diabla, my 1981 Schwinn Cruiser 5 with a Staton Honda 35 friction drive. I've added the center kick stand, fenders, springer fork (with all rated hardware), Cloud Nine 12" comfort seat, Schwalbe Marathon Plus rear tire, caliper brake on the rear with dual pull lever to the rear drum and caliper, brake light with switched brake lever (front), head and tail light, mirror, horn, Cat Eye speedo and California registration and plate. Over 1500 trouble free miles at the southern California beach in the first year!

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  2. srdavo

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    that's Sweet!!!
  3. Happy Valley

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    Sweet ride.

    Say a bit more about that switched brake lever, got a link where it's available?
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    Thanks for the compliments.
    Here's the info on the switched brake lever.

    Order Details:
    Code Item Qty Price Total
    LEV-41R Front (Right Side) Brake Lever With Switch (LEV-41R) 1 $12.95 $12.95

    Sub Total: $12.95
    Sales Tax (8%): $1.26
    Shipping: $2.85
    Grand Total: $17.06

    Thank you for shopping at ElectricScooterParts.com!
    Visit us again at http://www.ElectricScooterParts.com/

    (I went to a local electronics store and bought a four AA battery holder and a small plastic project box to hold the batteries and holder and mounted it on the friction drive rack.)

    Keep your feet on the pedals and the rubber side down!
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    Very nice. I love it.
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    rear fender

    The key to mounting the rear fender with the friction drive is to cut the fender in two pieces and then use two brackets to hold the rear piece in place. (the front piece is held in place by a bracket and the front tab.) Then it's just a matter of using a zip tie to keep the rear piece from moving down.
    The front fender is held in place by two brackets and the center tab.(even if one of the three fails the other two will hold it in place.)
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    Yeah, well done, makes the install look seamless and fits right in.
    Great vintage cruiser, well cared for.
    I close my eyes and imagine myself cruising the avenues off Surfside, long way from the freaking frozen north where I now live.