Diary of a Motoredbiker




Rode the bike to work this morning, Filled up at the servo, had to buy a giant size Cherry Ripe as they had a $5 limit and the fuel was only gonna cost $2 :) . Bogged the motor up with oil by nor premixing and had to pedal about 5k's. Went to ride home and it wouldn't start so had to leave it at work.


Got into work and tried the bike, started second kick! Rode it home and the chain fell off wedging between the sprocket and the spokes. Note to self, these things are not meant to go offroad, also lost one of the studs holding the exhaust on, good excuse to make an exhaust gasket as it didn't have one! Overnight I changed the throttle handle and cable, removed the petcock and threw the intank filter and replaced it with an inline one. Was 11:30pm so went to bed.


Bike fired up first go for the ride to work, partway there and the cable adjuster sprang out of the top of the carb resulting in a few anxious moments of WOT. Stopped and fixed it, rode fine except some surging, at least nothing else fell off!
Would appear the surging was caused by a broken plug lead (cap) so it was back on pleb transport again this afternoon......

Got to work this morning to find the familiar aroma of two stroke faintly wafting through the warehouse. Seems a bit of thread tape on the petcock would have been a good idea. Replaced the sparkplug lead and it fired up straight away!.... then ran out of fuel!.... back on the bus.......
Seems you have a bunch of "Murphy's Law" happening. lol

hang in there......it gets better.

keep your Diary going.

Came into work on sunday to get the bike back home, wouldn't start, possible fuel blockage.

Pulled the tank off and washed it out with water then methylated spirits, filled it back up with fuel and it fired up first go..... no bus home tonight! :D
7/8/07 (cont)

For some reason i can't keep the chain on this bike, fell off twice on the way home today, time to get a proper chain tensioner sorted.