Diary of My "Moped" build Registration in Florida


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Jan 5, 2020
If you have a goodwill or something like that near you, you might be able to find a used bike to salvage the wheels from until you find some good ones.

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Oct 28, 2021
I am going to close out this thread. I wanted to build a street legal bike for Florida and get it through the registration and license plate process. That has been a success and mostly because of all the great information from the forum. Thank you all very much.

The irony of this turns out to be that it has now become more difficult to finish building my bike than getting it through the legal registration process. All because I counted on, relied upon what I thought would be a proven ready to build bike regardless of the cost. Big mistake. As with most of my ventures, you need to be in control of the process and in this case the careful accumulation of the right parts and then assembling them to your good standards, not those of some company that cares nothing about quality control or function. It has been fun though frustrating to this moment, but I will forge ahead and use the forum for all of the great "general" information that is available here. See you all in the next round of threads. PS. If permitted, I would like to post in the resources a step-by-step guide with all of the current forms for building a street legal registered Moped here in Florida.

Happy and safe New Year to All!



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