Did a little thinking and decided to not buy any china girls

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    Decided to not mess with china girls anymore.last 3 been a headache and I desire something with quality like a morini.All the vendors here sell the same old cheap 2 stroker and the expensive 4 strokers look weird mounted on the rear of the bike.No offense to anyone.I just have different goals and I'll come back when there are better products available.I just can't see spending 600 to 800 bucks for a rear mount 4 stroke which eats away your tires and makes pulling a trailer or adding a cargo rack obsolete.And the 2 stroker vendors In here are like playing the lottery.Hoping you get a decent motor and not have to spend more than It's worth In time and money to keep It running.I wish everybody luck and hope you fare better than me.I'll just save up and buy a moped and maybe down the road get a morini for my bicycle.Thank you for your time motored bikes and members.Safe trails.

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    I abuse the heck out of my HT engines right out of the box with a 32:1 ratio (25-50% castor oil) and never had a problem with my engines.

    If prepped correctly, the HT engine is fairly reliable. Every 20 or so builds I do get a bad engine like the Dax that currently won't start due to a major airleak in the lower end.

    I currently had 3 HT rides. I would cross the desert in the middle of summmer with any of them but feel my single speed is the most reliable due to its simplicity. My shifter kit bikes had had some issues such as freewheel failing and repeated adjustments due to chain stretch but they are more fun to ride.
  3. Mine werks grate!
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    I have said this many times on this forum that " You get what you pay for !" I still believe it. Some buyers have done fairly well with the cheap Chinese kits & some have not. It almost seems to be like playing a lottery. I ride vintage old motorized bikes, friction drive , & do not CHEW up tires. BUT, there are drawbacks to it as there are any.
    One word of caution for you. The cheap Chinese motorscooters/mopeds , many under $1000 , are not much different that the Chinese kits, as far as reliability, available parts, service, etc. You get what you pay for there, too. Good luck !!!
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    Well esteban,I figure I would check flea markets and ebay and try to land a moped.And just save up 600 bucks for a morini engine.I do have 1 china girl.But,At this point.I really don't wanna mess with It.I'll just have to work a few extra weeks and be patient.If not for having to go to work everyday and having time to kill.I would be satisfied working on china girls.But,I don't have time to work on something every 50 to 100 miles and keep my job.I am sure there are some china girls out there that run remarkable.I just not had any luck with them yet.Just have to save up and do a morini for my cruiser and a 4 stroke for my future build.I will save up for a honda In frame 4 stroke or ezm and get a morini on my cruiser for now.Maybe I'll luck out at the flea markets,ebay,or trading post.All In God's Time.Not my time.
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    If I decide to get another china girl.I will go for a grube and get a few rebuild kits for peace of mind.Just gotta take my time and think things through and be logical In the future.I still gonna get a morini first.Speed I do not care about.I need a reliable everyday ride for work.My second project this july will be a www.atomiczombie.com vigilante chopper with motor.I yet to decide on.
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    You sure have a lot of common sense and are a wise man.I like you buddy.:grin5:
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    Thanks, nobull.

    One thing to consider on getting a scooter. If you live near a college, when school lets out, the grads get rid of about everything. University of Florida is close by & scooters are everywhere there. Keeping an eye on " Craigslists, " & other sites may help you. Just get a good quality one.

    Have you ever ridden a Honda Elite ? 80-100cc will get you to about 45mph & great gas mileage. If you want the " Cadillac," find an older Honda Helix, which were 250cc, & you could keep up with traffic. I knew someone who put nearly 100,000 miles on his !!!
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    Having found the critical source of all my engine problems, i'm now fairly happy with my China Girl engine, and it is still running reliably (amazing how it is possible) on a partially damaged connecting rod bearing; so far travelling just on 3,000 kilometers.

    It's infuriating that the smallest part was causing the biggest mechanical problem, yet i totally overlooked the problem until the problem could no longer be overlooked.

    The new China Girl engines from the Nantong Jiali factory come with the crowded needle roller connecting rod bearing and 203 main bearings and are much more mechanically reliable.


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    I agree with the QA issue. Even Grubee is a toss up as far as quality. Why cant someone come up with a better engine...based maybe on the Honda XR 75 or QA50/S65/S90/CT70 designs, minus transmission? I'd pay considerably more for a more reliable engine. or how about a bottom end, to drop one of the aforementioned models top end into?

    We're part of the problem too, if we keep repairing their mistakes, they'll never make any changes to improve the HT design......

  11. I can't help but think that this guy (NBCT) reads very simillar to someone that has posted before? I don't know, maybe I'm being watched=)

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    Maybe this isn't the proper place but, there was a guy a few days ago(was banned) that sounded oddly simillar to this person. I'm not the forum police, and if these two are not one in the same, I'm sorry for the mistaken identity. All I'm saying is don't keep feeding the bears!
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    Agreed will.Prob Is that no one from any other country manufactures them.Unless you buy a more expensive albeit a better made morini.I am just taking esteban's advice and getting a moped for now and save up and build a vigilante chopper with a morini 6 h.p. engine.I don't mind working on stuff.But,When you have to do It every 100 miles unless you got that rare china girl.And don't have countless time to work on stuff due to working 5 days a week.It can be kinda frustrating.Not to mention.You really can't mod up the thin china girl cylinders or In areas like mine you have to order parts and wait out the yin yang because no one In virginia or tennessee will deal with china girls.These considerations are part of the reason I decided to save up and do It right.
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    People get banned on here often.What was the username of the person who was banned:detective: Sure was not me.And I am not a bear.Just a regular joe trying to find like minded people who like to build things.Only person I know who was banned was ghostrider.Go play some beach boys and listen to Good vibrations and quit making me feel unwelcome.
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    I built up my motorized bike because I got the bike for free (someone wrecked it and threw it away, just for a seat and back wheel and some scrapes!) and the kit for $150. I had fun with it, now I need some parts or a new china engine. Oh well.

    If you get a moped, get one of those Hondas or some really well reputed make with lots of parts available, like 80's-90's.

    I think this is like the moped: too heavy to pedal far, too slow to get on the highway, but this is small enough to park in the house. Good enough.
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    Deal with thatsdax.He will sell replacement parts after the epa ban on china girls kicks In.Parts from him will still be available.
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    Only reason I don't want china girls anymore Is I do not have the time with my job and time to order stuff to have to work on something every weekend.Once or twice a month I can deal with.Every week or even 5 days sometimes Is a lil" much for me.
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    there is a high level of cool factor that comes along with these bikes that ur not going to get with a scooter or moped. dont forget the satisfaction of seeing a pile of parts turned into a fun means of transportation. if u are tired of the china girl get a inframe 4 stroke. there are a number of good places to get them like dax and ez motors just to name a few. these guys ride what they sell.
  20. NBC, I tried to respond to your PM but it said you can't recieve. You sound exactly like Need an Honest Dealer. Your all over the freakin' place with your comments and stuff, man. I come here to post the results of my love/labour, ask q's and maybe suggest some things from time to time and I retain what I've learned from these people here. This other persons posts started out exactly the same as this one, is why I'm wondering. Same as the banned posts(weather you banned yourself or not ) All your doin' is causin' a rukus so people will respond to you. You, by the way, admited who you are in your PM to me, NHD. That being said, if you have legitamate questions and suggestions,great, by all means. But none of your posts have made any sense,dude, as your present personna or the the latter. How can you ride a scooter if you don't have your liceance? If this "professional" that installed your first motor WAS responsible for it's faillure, why did you have him install a second, AND THEN A THIRD! How did you have a pro install your motors when you stated in the same post that the only access you had to these things was on-line. This is for everyone else. This guy is just a B.S.er and what I mean by don't keep feedin' the bears! And Mods., if this gets ME banned, I'm sorry, I bow sillently.