Did anybody see the Flying (at 20 mph) Dutchmen on US 66?

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  1. bamabikeguy

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    One day in October, I got a Google Alert about a group of Dutch Moped'ers cruising from Chicago to LA on US 66.


    The group had an escort, and a daily report site, I picked a random date (10/7) to check it out.

    http://www.tjoptjoppers.nl/Route66en/dagelijks verslag/20081007.html

    You can choose another day, clicking the calender below.


    My question is, did Velosolex folks check into the MB forums?

    Or did anybody see the group pass through their neighborhood?

    I clicked another random date, on the calender 10/10

    It sounds like it was a good thing they had a support truck escorting them, and they don't go into too much detail on the breakdowns or performance.

    (IF I had time to read the entire daily reporting, which are photo heavy/not dialup friendly).

    But I was just wondering, with such a demonstration ride, a Cross Country trek, if anybody witnessed the group, maybe even talked to the riders?
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  2. Mountainman

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    thank you for posting this bamabikeguy

    pretty darn (fun) and exciting -- I would say

    yes -- sounds like for sure
    they depended much on their support truck and car or cars
    can't blame them for that
    Madonna had it all wrong
    motor bike riders just want to -- have fun

    I marked their site as a favorite
    wish to come back there and think about that ride some more !

    makes one think about taking a long ride -- don't it ?

    ride that thing
  3. srdavo

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    Dang it, Paul.... I just had to read the whole trip report! Thanks!! :p

    they had quite the adventure....they sure like their beer!!
    I wish I coulda seen them pass thru here.

    Route 66 passes about 25 miles south of here.
  4. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    The point is, they got primo "New York Times" coverage, had three sponsors, then it looks like they saw America/Route 66 in the bed of a pickup truck !!!

    One big Vortex , like Rif's Wyoming episodes.

    I'm ready for a coast to coast Gumball Rally, without the escort, if we get 3 sponsors....heck, the beer money they spent would probably be a tidy sum to have in the sweepstake purse !

    I'm finally putting on an odometer next week, be ready to test that thing out when the weather warms.
  5. srdavo

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    The truck was a U-haul boxtruck.
    there were daily repairs. some of the bikes would overheat, in the mountains & desert. there were flat tires... heck, one even had to have a piston replaced at one point.
    there were portions of the trip where their bikes were not allowed...so they were hauled.
    But for the most part...they rode the majority of the trip.

    If you want to put together a bubblegum road rally, that's all well & good!

    just, please, don't make light of the travels of this "route 66" tour group & their struggles. Heck, while crossing Texas.....2 of them had to attempt to eat the GIANT 72 oz. steak!!!
    not to mention the gentlemen's club... & the side trip to vegas

    :p :smilielol5:
  6. That is GREAT. I love this line.....
    The first miles we drove through a town with a lot of trafficlights. Sometimes we drove through the red light, but here police allows that in America. (As long as they don't see you.)
  7. sabala

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    Unfortunately no darn it, this is the first I've heard of it!

    I imagine they ended up at the Santa Monica pier a couple blocks up from me too. Wonder if they would've let me cruise with them on my GEBE when they got into Santa Monica, that woulda been pretty cool, I bet they're a fun bunch, probably worn out by the time they finished though!