Did I buy the wrong bike for this?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jakemnz, Sep 8, 2016.

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    In my haste to find a nice looking cruiser in my price range I forgot to check the type of metal used to make the frame. I ordered the Fito Modena GT-2 because every time I image searched the bike there were a few MABs and I really liked the look of it. It wasn't until after I ordered it did I notice that the frame is made of aluminum and not steel. After doing my research I found that pretty much everyone thinks putting a 4-stroke engine on an aluminum bike is dangerous, but then I found that the popular Skyhawk GT2A frame, and all the others that look exactly the same, are also made of aluminum and I don't see anyone complaining about those.. Should I really try to cancel the order and get a different bike, or is this one fine? (I managed to snag the last one so keeping it would be pretty nice :p)

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    From what I've heard thay are fine eny frame will brake with to much abuse. I just broke a frame on the weekend in 2 places and one last year. I love to get airborne. Aluminium is bit harder to get welded. Got to find someone that can do it .but steel you can get welders cheap and eny car shops got one give them $10
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    So do you think I'll be fine with the bike I chose?
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    Yeah if could get one i wood i think kc frames are aluminum. All the welded parts are twice as fat as steel for strength and its lighter. Looks better then normal bikes to .
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    most of the cracking I've seen in aluminum frames is with 2-strokes that vibrate more - I'd try a 4-stroke on it and then look it over every so often
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    Thats y i am welding sheet metal every where and re welding everything

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    Yeah that's another thing I was thinking. As long as I mount it good I feel like I should be fine.
    If only I knew how to weld lol
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    well i have an aluminum specialized mountain bike with a cheap as dirt 2 stroke 66cc grubee on it, it vibrates so much it may have re-broken my wrist. (im not even joking ive been wearing a wrist brace until i see a doctor and just mounted the clutch under the frame so i can use my left foot and not hold on with my left hand.) the frame is fine, not a problem at all. im even using a cb-110 hub that i pulled the brake shoes out of to make it into a free coaster. ive clocked my bike at as much as 40mph by a gps app, the thing is still running fine and ive put some serious mileage on it. its my daily commuter. if its a cheap walmart bike it might break, if its a good brand with good welds your fine. i would've gone to a bike shop but thats just me, unless the welds look like crap i wouldn't worry. i mean, in general putting an engine on a bicycle is kinda, not so safe, but thats because bicycles weren't designed for engines to be mounted on them. just check the bike once and a while and see if anything looks like its bending or cracking. and if it is stop riding it at once.
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