Did I seize my engine? - drive sprocket - chain - jam

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kamikazi_kostka, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. This also applies to the Technical Help Section I know, but I need to know if anyone else has seized their engine, and if so how.

    Ok, here is my story.

    I got the kit last June. My neighbor and I installed it on one bike (a Schwinn ladies collegiate, which was sh*t)...

    Anyways, It was never done right, the exhaust pipe wasn't sealed properly, and my neighbor did the majority of the work when I wasn't there, so I didn't know how to do alot. I got so frustrated by the bike, that I switched it onto a Men's Schwinn High Sierra (which it is on currently).

    I have been working on it inside, since it is like 10 degrees outside. I live in central wisconsin. Today, I finished installing it fully, and I decided to take it for a test ride. I got it to start (but I put in my old gas/oil mix from this summer), but then, my heavy duty (motored) chain derailed from the sprocket, and my bike locked up (going about 10 mph). I had driven about 1/2 of a block (about 250 feet). I was not 100% sure that I had oil in the mixture, but I poured it out, and it was not clear, it was yellowish, and I used a synthetic oil, so my mom and I figured that it indeed had oil in it. I am just curious, because I had to carry the bike back home, and when I took the chain out of the spokes, ect. The clutch lever does nothing. Even if I manually push it in, the front sprocket will not spin. Does that mean that my cable just might be messed? Or does that mean my piston is frozen?

    Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem, or steps I can take to better diagnose this problem would be greatly appreciated, because it doesn't make sence to me as to how the engine could have seized after only being on about 100 feet.


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    your chain might be stuck around the small motor gear. it happens alot if your chain falls off it flys into the motor and gets lodged into it. take the cover that is over the gear and pop the chain loose with a screw driver.
  3. thanks for the suggestion about opening it up.

    I did, got the chain loose, and fixed it.

    Now the bike runs perfectly.

    Thanks for all your help.

    And one last quick question.

    Is it natural for the engine to speed up when idling if coming from a low speed (from like 8 mph)? If not, what do I have to adjust?

  4. Edward

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    With the rear tire of the bike in the air and while you have the clutch lever cover off, get out the spark plug/10mm wrench that came w/ the motor kit. Remove the spark plug. Using the wrenches' spark plug end, place it on the exposed sprocket nut and gently work the sprocket back and forth, the motor should turn if it is not locked up.
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    you might have an intake leak. if it does the motor is getting extra air and reving high. just make sure your intake is completely sealed and your carb is all the way on the intake.
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    Yeah, dead on. I was visualizing the problem and going through it in my head, and in my mental image the chain had already been dealt after it rode off (after it presented itself as a culprit, I thought it was taken out of the equation).
    Forum help is an interesting excercise, as there are somethings that I just assume sometimes, that I don't even realize I made an assumption on.

    "my bike won't run right, what's the problem?"
    "Well, check the carb, spark, compression, ect....."
    "Oh, is it a problem that I'm trying to start my bike upside down?"