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    Works out good... Pulls nice.easy.. But its not a finger puller..
    I do have one problem though.. the pulley its held by a cotter pin, but when i pull the clutch level, the pulley doesnt spin with the cable. Only the cable moves.. Which i think defeats the purpose...

    but anyways any thoughs of why are appreciated.. I think i need to grease where the pulley is held by the cotter pin..

    also.. I took the stock bolt that the cable originally went through, and i use a cut-off wheel, to make a slit in the bolt, and i mounted a nut that i also cut a slit in.

    works out good.. Right now the bolts is turned all the way in, allowing more play, maybe thats a problem to with the pulley not spining

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  2. The door roller I use has a roller bearing on it making the wheel spin effortlessly.
    You need that or the cable will just rub on that wheel.
    Where are you located?
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    ok.. I have to go to lowes and by that patio door pulley thing...

    i belive i just got a regular old pulley...

    but i willl do that thanks large.. Love your modifications skills
  4. Lookin good lildeezul.
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    Large : Do you know like the part number of the patio door roller, the employees at lowes are helpless about these kinda stuff.

    Did you find it in hardware ??
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    Ah. I didn't jot it down.

    It's by the doors I believe but all stores are different.

    Take a pic of that if you got a camera phone and show it to a sales person.