Did you fly off your bike yet ??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by -CON-, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I was riding my motorizer at night one time, some morons contractors tied a red plastic tape across the street, from one end to another. I was going about 40km maybe less. It just happened so suddenly I sow something red though it was a wire, got scared, steered away, there was no time to brake, BAAAM !! Hit a pile of dirt on the side of the road, flew over the bike, face first, landed, then I sow my bike fly over me! I was hurt for the next half hour or so but was OK, few scratches on my chin and on some other parts of my body. The bike wasn't OK though. The fork was bent in to the frame but it all fixed now! I didn't take any pics of it being damaged but this pic is actually after the accident when it's all fixed. Some ****ty moment but has a happy ending!!

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  2. Happy Valley

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    It great you are alright and seems you were lucky but riding at night, were you using any lights?

    Be careful out there, there was a recent story about a young man on an MB not so lucky with a chain across the road.
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    well it's back in tip top condition -- nice looking motor bike there !!!

    yes I have had (( too many )) of those type of crash experiences over the years

    bottom line -- grateful to be alive and not paralyzed or something
    I wonder about my neck sometimes -- crack-crack -- how close did it come ???

    ride the motor bike thing
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    Hey, I like the derailer used for a chain tensioner.
    Execellent idea.

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    yep, flew off it saturday. fortunately i was only going about 15mph when the bolt that holds my springer forks together vibrated loose and popped out. the forks buckled under the bike and i ate some pavement. i already fixed my bike, however, my road rashed body parts will take a bit longer... ouch!
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    That is one sweet road bike.
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    I haven't wiped out on my motoredbike yet. I've had a few nasty wrecks on regular bicycles, though.

    When I first built my motoredbikes last spring I tried to teach my daughters to ride. I figured it'd be good transport for them. Only my youngest (14 at the time) did any good.
    My middle daughter beat the carp out of my wife's bike.

    I let my oldest daughter take my bike for a spin. She seemed to do well and enjoyed it. The next morning we brought it out for some more lessons. Our road is a narrow dead-end with a long, steep, wooded drop-off on one side and at the end.

    She took off like a bat out of heck. (turns out the throttle cable was tangled and engine went to WOT and stayed there) I screamed, "Clutch, Mary, clutch!!". I knew she couldn't hear me. But I had to do something. She did manage to get it stopped before disaster. But it really looked as though it was going to be a re-make of Evel Knievel jumping the Snake River Canyon.

    And she won't have nothing to do with my motoredbike to this day.