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    That the incandescent light bulb, you know, the one that Thomas Alva Edison perfected - is being regulated out of existence here in America? (and other countries too!)

    But here in the USA, they didn't "ban" them outright, but they increased efficiency standards to the point where only compact fluorescents can meet the new standards. It was part of the Democrat led initiative called the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Decorative bulbs like flame shaped bulbs, and "Hollywood" style globes are exempt, but the common 4 for a buck variety will be phased out. The 100 watt bulbs go dim at 2012, and by 2014, 40 watt bulbs go away. Australia has announced an outright ban by 2010.

    Just wanted to let you folks know, just in case you wanted to buy a few cases of light bulbs before they are illegal.

    Personally, I use those "compact fluorescent" bulbs in many fixtures in my house. Sure, the light quality sucks, and they take a few minutes to reach full brightness - BUT they do conserve energy. I don't shive a git about carbon emissions, but conserving energy is one of my personal goals. When I am entertaining, I actually put the incandescents back in the fixtures so that the lighting is more pleasing to the eye. This choice is being taken away from us whether you live in the US, Australia or elsewhere.

    What do you think?

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    I can't believe what I'm hearing from you. You can't let the market and reasonable people make those kind of decisions, they must be forced to do the smart thing. Next you'll be telling me people have a RIGHT to their opinion. OH PLEEEEEASE.
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    well the light bulb as we know it -- to be gone

    yes - that's what's got my brother in law ALL WORKED UP

    he has bought and stashed away hundreds and hundreds

    and I must admit -- I perfer the old type bulb

    if things get tight here -- we can go to Mexico and buy -- what ever we want !!!

    ride that thing

    ps -- forgot to mention
    who ever thought this up - getting rid of the old bulb --- they are NOT VERY BRIGHT
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  4. arceeguy

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    I find that quite insulting! :lol:

    Of course you will have a choice. You can choose either a GE, Philips, or Sylvania CF bulb! Not surprisingly, all the major light bulb manufacturers are backing legislation like this. What would you want to sell, a 25 cent incandescent, or a 4 dollar mercury filled compact fluorescent? (made in China, of course - hahaha!)
  5. arceeguy

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    I can see it now, light bulbs being smuggled into the US to feed the black market.

    Guess you'll need to ride that thing in the dark!
  6. KilroyCD

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    Please boys, fight nicely. :p
    I use the compact fluorescent bulbs, and I don't have any issues with the light quality unless it's wintertime and we're talking about the one in my garage. That one takes a while to get to full illumination once the temp gets below 40 degrees. For that matter, it takes me a while to get to full illumination when it's cold out. :lol:
    What I really like about them is that they have reduced my electric bill by more than $30 per month.
  7. kerf

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    CF's are fine, the mandate on the other hand .......................
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  9. arceeguy

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    The color rendition from a 25 cent incandescent is far superior to any CF I have ever seen. The CF's that are over "75 watt" equivalent seem to suffer the most from the slow startup syndrome. The "60 watt" equivalent CF's seem to come on at almost full brightness immediately. The "120 watt" equivalent bulbs in my recessed lighting seem to be the worst. Turn 'em on and they flicker for a second, then light up at about 20% brightness - after a minute, they are at about 75% and get to full brightness after a few minutes. Save energy? Sure they do - but IMO, you should have the choice. Like I've said before, we all need to fight against these infringements on our freedom even if you don't care about light bulbs, trans fats, etc. - because it won't be long before they will be coming after something YOU care about. (Motorized bike? Hmmmmmm)
  10. KilroyCD

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    You sure have the knack of politicizing things, don't you?
  11. arceeguy

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    Unfortunately, politics plays a part in most everything we are involved in - even the lowly light bulb. Because, in principle, the banning of the light bulb can affect the future of motorized bikes. Don't you agree?
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    I refuse to get drawn into a political discussion! The Geneva Convention states that I only need to give you my name, rank and serial number! :lol::p:lol::p:lol:
  13. arceeguy

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    Hehehe! I hear you there.
    I bet a lot of people are unaware of the incandescent bulb phase out because they were never asked, nor have they ever voted on that law. I bet a lot of people are surprised that their elected officials have done this for "the public good" even though the majority would disagree with the law. These are the same people that will ban the motorized bike based on those same principles. (the public good - you might put an eye out with that thing!)
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    Public good? Lots of mercury, lots of money to the manufactures. I wonder if a little of that money went to Washington cause all of that mercury is going into our homes.
  15. terrence

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    Over the past year ive switched over 100%
    14 bulbs @ 13 watts = 182 watts (ceiling)
    3 bulbs @ 15 watts = 45 watts (lamps)
    8 bulbs @ 23 watts = 184 watts (floods) Total 411 watts.

    Compared to 1480 watts before. Thats a savings of 70%

    One a year Ace Hardware has a sale on them. 3.00 a bulb with 2.00 instant rebate. (A buck a bulb.) I had to cringe with the floods at 7.95 per bulb at Home Depot.
    Total cost of about 80.00 with tax. I figure I got my money back in 2 months. Now I dont freak out when the grandkids leave the lights on when leaving the room.
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  16. Zev0

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    Lest not we forget, you cannot just throw these new bulbs away. Oh No, they MUST be disposed of properly in a proper collection place. Geeze....
  17. kerf

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    What happens when you break one in your kids bedroom?
  18. Zev0

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    You are required to call in the HazMat team.
  19. terrence

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    Bring it on! My bulbs and I are ready for disposal. Oops, the neighbor was too close. LOL

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