Engine Trouble Died not sure why

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jayjmarlo, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. jayjmarlo

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    Right after filling up at the gas station, it starts up runs great for about 20 seconds than dies. I thought I had messed up and over filled it or let the oil go to the bottom or something strange couldn't figure out what happened. I shook it up and dumped a little gas out. No difference. It will sort of start. I can peddle start it but I must keep peddeling or it will die. As soon as I pull in the clutch it dies. If I apply gas it dies slowly as I add more it sort of acts like it's not getting something and dies. I can put the choke on and it acts kind of normal but still won't work or hold a idle just dies. I was thinking it could be the spark plug. I pulled the cap and tried peddle starting and it acted the exact same. Could it be the spark plug? Could all the oil have gone right to the bottom when I filled it up and I need to drain the carb? It was running great now nothing :( running 66cc chinese 2 stroke

  2. crassius

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    I've seen exactly this behavior when a guy forgot to put in oil. NEVER fill at a gas station by trying to mix in the tank - maybe all your oil is in left side of tank, while gas is flowing out right side where the petcock is. ALWAYS use an empty can of some kind to get your mix started before putting it in tank.

    Try dumping your fuel and refilling with proper mix (maybe even mix a bit more oil this one time as the barrel may be very dry right now).
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    sounds like crassius is right but when mine did this the carb had damaged inside after a drop, also spark plug will help probe help ya" or check wiring act. take air filter off n check choke opens n closed ok...
  4. jayjmarlo

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    I drained the carb straight oil came out. Now its running fine. How do you fill up at the gas station usually?
  5. BigBlue

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    Should be mixed in a container, not in the tank or buy a 4 stroke:)

    AKA: BigBlue
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    Can you be more specific? Do you just carry a water bottle along with you and mix a little gas with the oil to dilute the oil down before mixing in the tank or do you carry a container large enough to mix the whole tank? What kind of container? I thought I might try shutting off the fuel valve and use a wooden spoon to mix in the tank, could that work? I don't want to carry around a empty gas tank all the time just for mixing.
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    A good (HDPE#2) bottle with all the oil for one tank, near topped with gas (dilute as you said) shake/mix, in your main tank.Then get the gas nozzle deep in the tank and do some circular motions as if trying to wash something of the sides of the tank should do it, along with a good final shake back/forth side/side of the bike.My solution is an aux tank with pick-up tube (no petcock), but I'm rack mount.