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    Hi to all; I have a 6hp diesel engine 6,oookw generator with a good engine and heavy duty frame but Bad generator part is it possible to take off everything but engine and put on wheels and make a push trailer? Thanks Steve

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    Anything is possible with enough time, skills, & money. But, that engine probably weighs over 100lbs, alone. Add the cart & whatever it takes to build it & it will be pretty heavy. Have you tried to find out what is wrong with the generator. I live in Florida & gensets come in might handy at times !!
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    Putting it on a motorcycle is a good idea. It can take that much weight . There was a guy selling a CD with info of putting a 10hp diesel on a Suzuki frame. Seems like he called himself, Crazy Jerry " & he had some videos.
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    Already have bike!!!

    I already have a 2008 650 KLR Kawasaki. I live on the island of Roatan in C.A. and would like to have a push trailer for my 21 speed mountain bike. Roatan has no rules on the size of a bicycle motor as long as it has peddles. Roatan roads are half flat and half hills 400ft. high. so I think I need the bigger engine??? any ideas would be helpful. should I hock it up to a cvt drive? thanks Steve
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    I have similar plans for a Diesel motored bike. I have a Yanmar 6.5hp engine that would work great. I was actually considering using a centrifugal clutch on the engine to drive a Harley tranny to power the wheel. Put all that on a pusher trailer, and you would have a lot of weight, but if you put a brake on the pusher wheel and kept everything low to the ground I think you could have a kick *** motored bike that could go just about anywhere on any highway.