Differences in similar upgrades?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by tcg20, Sep 15, 2009.

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    So I'm in the process of fixing my bike back up, she's been sitting for a year. I'm doing a complete overhaul and cleaning of absolutely all components. Also planning on doing some upgrades, and have found several different parts for the same application, just wondering if anyone's bought these parts and some opinions on comparisons.

    For instance my back wheel needs some real help. Sick of the rubber donuts. Thinking about a hard mount sprocket adapter, a new wheel altogether, or a custom fab of something imitating the sprocket adapter.

    new wheel

    looks like a better place to pick up the adapter

    Has anyone used the adapter on a wheel laced with 14g?
    Are 12g spokes and a sprocket brake worth the extra money, or is the adaptation just as, or just about as, efficient/long lasting?

    Any thoughts on the pros/cons of these exhausts?

    Any difference b/t Spooky Tooth's and Pirate Cycle's expansion chamber pipes?

    And carburetors.

    I was looking at just a new air filter, but I think a new carb is well worth it. Plus it looks like a much nicer killswitch than the standard red button. And I like that thumb control choke on Pirate Cycle's, but I think I'd need the offset intake mount that Spooky Tooth provides. Does it look like the ST kit has thumb control choke? Doesn't to me.. bummer.

    So any thoughts on these products? Any experience with them?
    Thanks for any help, just doing some research.

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    definatly get the carb on the pirate cycles site, i have it and its wayyy better than stock. ive heard nothing but negative stuff about the cns carb on spookytooth. hands down get the sbp expansion chamber, it provides better performance than the spookytooth one and its a whole lot quieter (and doesnt sound as obnoxious).