Different Engines & what seems to work the best?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Reaper MotorSports, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Reaper MotorSports

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    So here i am thinking about a build.
    I just cant justify spending my $$$ on a china motor when there are so many other motors out there that are better.
    Im really into Zenoah motors right now. There very reliable and that should be #1 to all.
    The I think the china clones of the deltoro cabs are complete junk.
    Do they sell the build kits minus the engine for chain drive bikes?
    I just got done building a Zenoah G62 motor for a scooter of mine . The motors completely sick .
    Then I look at happy time motor and I just cant see doing that to one of those motors. Theres allot I can put up with and make work. Im a machinist . But when it comes down to just complete crap . Well you cant shine a turd.
    Are any of you using other motors with a kit like this?Or maybe I should grab one and start making nice billet performance parts. 1st thing ide do is get rid of that carb for a nice walbro unit.
    Has any one blue printed one of theese motors whats the stock squish like?

  2. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    What we all want is a billet reproduction of the China Girl engine with a 100cc piston and cylinder combination and with the same threaded dimensions as the original, so it can be bolted up to the SickBikeParts shift kit.

    This allows the engine to be installed in space restricted bicycle frames, whilst giving significant torque improvement at low and midrange rpm without an expansion chamber.

    90% of us don't want to take a bicycle and go racing. We want to have good reliability; we want to get to and from work; we want to keep the revs down so it doesn't attract too much unwanted attention; we want to use lower revs to keep the bike as quiet as possible.
  3. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    OP you have a good point, fitting that motor and doing it correctly takes alot of fab skills and tools. Most folks don't want to do that they want plug and play. For the so called standard kits we use theres a huge aftermarket/parts industry to support those kits.
  4. Reaper MotorSports

    Reaper MotorSports New Member

    Im all bout reliability , That is number one. Then speed and last looks.
    What kits do you really have that are reliable?Im talking a year of straight riding with out tightening a nut?
    The motor I posted above isnt a racer in any means that motor will go for ever with out a hickup. But With the correct mods its very torquey . 19hp 19,000rpm with being reliable. Down side that motor cost bout 1500 to build. Point being there are good reabile fast motors out there.
    Im thinking Ill use a GP460 for a build build skirts on it to bolt to the frames.
  5. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    There is no such thing as a motorized bicycle kit that runs for a whole year without turning a nut - it's a pipe dream and it would be an asinine comment to say otherwise.

    I get about two weeks out of my reworked SickBikeParts shift kit and engine. Any longer than that without preventative maintenance is asking for trouble.
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    If you have a 19hp engine mounted on a bicycle, and ride it on the street, the issues are more about the rider being reliable than the engine and bike being reliable, because walking around on crutches or being in a wheel chair is the more likely scenario.

    19hp would propel the bike to 60 mph; maybe more.
  7. Reaper MotorSports

    Reaper MotorSports New Member

    My motor I posted was on a scooter. In my state its classified under the same thing as a moped or bike with a helper motor. The Stand up scooter goes faster than 60mph.
    There are plenty of motor that are built to not need maintenance for long periods of time . This my whole point how can you guys use these motor and not be upset if your doing something weekly to it to maintain it.
    Look into the engines a company Zenoah Makes not only are they reliable but they have tons of aftermarket parts. Pipes reeds carbs headkits stroker kits cylinder ect ect . Ive Seen 29cc mtors taht come 6hp stock. Look at the site I posted.
    But there are others also Blata , Polini , Bzm, Those are just a few 2 strokes I can think of.
    Maybe I can machine some parts to bolt on the bottom of the motors so they can attach to the frame of a bike. They all take 78mm clutches already.

    Here is a video of the G62 "19hp" There are also videos of people going 60+ no gears
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    If you want to give people a viable alternative to the Happy Time style engine and have the technical ability and machinery (not just talking about it, but the determination to "make it happen"), the most useful option would be a professionally designed adapter kit, enabling a Zenoah engine to bolt up to a SickBikeParts shift kit.

    I for one would be interested in purchasing such a setup from you just to try it out.
  9. schulze 123

    schulze 123 Member

    Hi Reaper,
    I totaly agree will your first post in this thread, if kits were made to adapt the Zenoah G62 to bicycles it would be a hot seller. The G62 is a proven reliable power plant that goes for ever with minimal up keep, that is clean the air filter once a month (Depending on environment) and change the spark plug once a year. They are made with good quality materials in Japan, not out of old pots and pans in a backyard in China.

    Having said that you get what you pay for. The price of a complete Happy Time kit will only just get you a Zenoah motor (maybe).

    Cheers BJ
  10. Reaper MotorSports

    Reaper MotorSports New Member

    Im not world class machinist but I should be able to come up with nice dependable adapters. Looks very doable & easy. Im not trying to make money to make a kit. Im trying to make a reliable kit for myself but would gladly make some adapters for the public if they wanted them. Im not here to step on toes.
    And yes the motor by its self is double the cost of the the whole kit alone.Motor is 450$ new 300 on ebay used.
    You get what you pay for . There are other Zenoah motor options that are just as dependable. Not as fast . G43l the whole RC line up 23,25,26,27,29 & 31cc . For a cheaper power house I have a GP460 (CY) here and G43L I think Ill use one of those.
    Can you post a link to the SickBikeParts shift kit?
  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    There are two versions of the Shift Kit, being 4-stroke and 2-stroke. The heavy duty versions come with a much better quality sprag bearing and the deluxe version comes with all the tools that are required for servicing the shift kit.
    I am only interested in an adapter kit that allows the largest capacity Zenoah engine to fit onto the SickBikeParts shift kit because i want the most amount of torque at the lowest possible rpm, and ideally the engine to be as quiet as possible. I have no interest in a high rpm screamer with a physically large expansion chamber.

    As a machinest, you would have to see which version would be the best option for the Zenoah engine: