Different ideas to mount motor on the front 80cc

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by James L, May 8, 2016.

  1. James L

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    After so many issues with my bike i'm at my wits end. I thought it would be a fun thing to own a motorized bike and for the most part it's been a blast. I have broken so many bolts on the front motor mount that the hardware store probably loves me....

    I have used threaded rods, allen head bolts the black colored ones. The black allen heads held great until i lost another rear mount threaded rod.. Not sure if the rear one is broken or not. Haven't looked yet.
    Ok so back to the question at hand. Oh and i have noticed i had the motor mounted a little high on the frame... Probably a big part of my problem.

    Instead of buying new bolts weekly as the front one is now snapped off inside and part of the part where it threads in is broken off. I have a couple or a few ideas as far as how to avoid buying or breaking bolts.. Like a leather belt, or thick gauge wire with something to hold it tight, or some kind of a metal strap..

    I don't own a drill or have many tools, just the basics... Ratchets, sockets, pliers etc.
    I had a ton of tools at one time but they were stolen.....

    For me it's either order a whole new kit and start from scratch or figure out a alternative method to hold the motor in the front. I'd prefer to ride around till this motor dies completely lol

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    do the front mount up first, get it to sit on the frame properly.

    consider investing in a half round file until both mounts sit nicely.

    they shouldnt break that often... they shouldnt break at ALL
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  3. Rob H

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    Sound to me it's not sitting squarely enough
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    You have to have a drill. Absolutely vital. Go to a pawn shop. It doesn't have to be a good drill, just functional.

    Get a basic tap set. You will need it. It is really easy to drill and tap holes in these engine blocks.

    A dremel tool is important, too. You can use it to drill a straight line down the center of a broken stud and screw it out with a flathead screwdriver.

    Use Grade 8 bolts for standard English sizes (1/4'-20, etc.) or Class 10.9 for metric. So much stronger than the stock pieces. Lowe's has both.

    I have posts concerning ways to make superstrong motor mounts. Look them up.
  5. James L

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    Thanks for the replies. I have broken quite a few bolts and have come to the conclusion after reading countless posts that i have the motor mounted too high i would guess. It doesn't sit at the bottom of the frame... I should have removed the water bottle bolts...

    I did switch to black allen head bolts and the one in the front right side is still holding the one on the left has broken off and is not flush with the motor. The one in the rear is sticking out so i can grab that one with a pair of pliers and take it out.
    The front bolt is the one that concerns me. I know i can get a tool to remove it, i had bought one and then returned it because i was able to take a very small flat head screwdriver and a hammer and spin the broken bolt out the last two times. This time i'm not so lucky. The front looks ok still but there is a small chunk missing out of the front left mount, not sure how that's going to affect things. I have seen posts where people have drilled new holes.

    So may be next weekend i will have time if it's not raining ughh. I'm indecisive right now... I was thinking about just ordering a whole new kit as the gas tank has a leak somewhere all of a sudden. I was also going to switch the rag joint and sprocket out to the new bikes rear rim but the guy who built the first bike said it wouldn't be a good idea and i should get a new sprocket from him? He machines the sprockets himself..

    Not sure what i want to do.. A new motor kit sounds better then buying just the motor for almost the same price as the whole kit.
    Plus i would have extra parts if i needed them. My only issue is i'm not sure if a kit from a dealer like bikeberry is any different then the ones on ebay or not.

    Just frustrated as i work a horrendous amount of hours between my more then full time job and my website. So basically 7 days a week i work.
    If i bought a new motor kit i really would have to keep the cost under a $150 as my wife is about to strangle me as she knows i have spent a ton of $ on the bike and fixing things.

    I've had fun learning though and look forward to getting things done the way they should be.
  6. Rob H

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    To remove broken bolts deep inside I always take a larger diameter nut and hold it on the aluminum and weld the nut to the broken stud and then take a wrench and spin it right out this does 2 things it heats up the area quickly which allows for expansion and it gives you a part to easily remove said stud the mild steel 0.30 wire in the mig will not harm the aluminum simply because of the 2 different metals I do this almost on a daily basis at work on broken rotten manifold studs here in NY
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  8. Rob H

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    I got my whole original kit on eBay for 118 shipped
  9. Tery"s Cycle

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    Chek out http://theideashoppe.com/TerysCycle/index.html my web sites

    Phase IV Spring & Summer 2012 Front Wheel Drive

    I brazed on 4 caliper brake bosses and mounted an aluminum plate and mounted a Honda GX 1HP motor with a gear to reduce the high rpm to a usable. I can do 20+ miles and hour.

    You can ask me questions at the bottom of the page is my email address. I have lots of more pictures
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    I tip me engine at an angle until the carburetor sits level and then bring it down to the frame, the back is higher than the front and both front and rear brackets are sitting squarely onto the frame, I've never lost or broken a single bolt, I really don't see any sense in buying hardened bolts, they've only going into aluminum.