Digital Speedometer (wired) Resets itself when the Engine Is turned Over/On

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Waxxumus, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Waxxumus

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    Im having an issue where a bell 12 dollar speedometer is rebooting itself each time I start the motor. It worked fine for the 1st 100 miles or so, then started doing this reboot, and making me lose my mileage.

    The speedo wraps itself around the frame slightly taught to keep the wire out of the way. Im wondering if there might be an issue either with vibration, or a current running through my frame.

    Im not entirely sure if It has to do with getting a little lubrication in the killswitch, or possibly the kill switch having bad shielding on the wiring and being tied down to the bikes frame, along with the wiring out of the magneto being tied down to the bikes frame.
    But I have attempted to reposition the speedo in multiple places and still have the same issue. I put insulation tape over the spots on the wiring that are touching the frame, and completely unrapped the wiring of the speedo from the frame and still seem to have the same issue.

    Anyone else ever had this issue?:confused:

  2. Waxxumus

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    I imagine current could flow all the way down the front fork and cause the very lightly shielded wiring to pick it up and power surge. But, idk. Its as if every time the cdi generates a spark, the unit reboots.
  3. crassius

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    heard of this several times - many believe it is due to ignition noise from having no resistance wire or resistor spark plug - you might try one of those heavy round magnets like seen on many computer cables to reduce interference
  4. Waxxumus

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    where would the magnet go? on the speedo wire? or the engine wiring?

    I will gladly give it a try.
  5. crassius

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    on the speedo wire close to the unit
  6. Waxxumus

    Waxxumus Member

    I shall post results, i have a few good magnets
  7. Waxxumus

    Waxxumus Member

    I tried with several different magnets, none provided any noticeable results.
    Actually, it kind of resets itself more often XD
    I reseated the battery.
    Might check the magneto?
    But not sure where else to look.
    Might go the way of the analog speedo from ebay.

  8. Waxxumus

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    Turns out the spark plug was not seated deep enough to make a seal.
    Replacing with an NGK plug fixed the issue completely.
    Odometer has not reset in 100 miles.
  9. jhammondcpa

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    I have a Bell 300 dashboard on my 2 cycle, but went to a Cat Eye CC-PA100W on the 4 cycle and new tach! Cat Eye Padrone1.jpg Max speed April 5-2015.jpg

    Jimmy H.