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    26in mongoose mountain bike aluminum frame, honda gx50 motor with about 800 miles on it used for 2 summers here in CO, both wheels have thorn resistant tubes and nomo flats tire liners, bell, front suspension and seat post,handle bar neck is adjustable, folding wald basket on right rear side, wide angle rear view mirror, double kick stand, 21spd, about $1200 invested in this rig but it is 2 years old and I have spring fever for my new build. I have 6 extra drive rollers that DE charges $13 apiece now that I will let go for xtra negotiation. $600 is rock bottom and at this price will not last if you know whats all in this bike. This isnt a wallyworld bike just to point out. Im 6' and this bike fits me perfectly with a 17in center post measured frame......daputerpimp@yahoo.com

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