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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Dimension EDGE Motorized Bicycles Reviews:

    Other Names: Dimension EDGE
    Products: Engine kits, parts
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  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    I bought a honda gx50 friction kit from these guys and the kit works flawlessly. At 1st the shipping took a little longer then what I expected but it did arrive in a reasonable amount of time. Ive called these guys on the phone and the response has always been courteous and professional. A roller was missing when the kit was shipped and when notified they immediately shipped a replacement out to me. The only problemo with the kit that I wasnt impressed with is where the clutch cable attaches to an eyelet on the aluminum channel to raise or lower the moter. The way its put together its kinda mickey mouse but it works. Over all ID give these guys a thumbs up and would definately buy from them again and RECOMMEND them.
  3. zipdrivex

    zipdrivex Member

    I purchased my first kit from DE about 5 years ago and I'm still a loyal customer to this day! They have a very knowledgeable staff and a superb product quality. I've seen tons of different style bikes come into their shop and they always have a great installation. From mountain bikes, to trikes, to tad poles, to choppers, there isn't ANY bicycle these guys can't fabricate a kit for! I've had 4 different bikes with DE kits on them and every one has ran like a stallion. I advertise and pass out cards and brochures to anyone who ever talks to me about my bike trying to get more business to them because honestly I don't know what I would do without their product. I haven't had my drivers license in over 4 years and I've used my bike for daily transportation every chance I get. If it weren't for this company I would most likely be in jail for driving because as everyone knows you MUST have some sort of way to get to work and other places. I extremely suggest looking into this company if you're thinking about buying a motorized bicycle and thank you to Dimension Edge for everything you've done for me!:grin:
  4. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    The #1 in reliability!

    I got my first kit from them in the early 90's. They have always had great customer service. This is my 5th kit over the years on this bike, the others were always still working strong when I would sell them to try something new. This Bike and Kit I got from them as a package a few years back.

    I hear that their Chain drive kits are good also but have only purchased their "classic" friction drive kit. I love that it works in the rain, snow, mud, and sand as well as smooth pavement. In 15 years only one time has my kit had an issue where I had to pedal power only and that was due to my failure to properly maintain a part that does not even exhist on the DE kits anymore. They are the only people I would ever by a kit or bike and motor package from.
  5. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Kits: The shift on the fly models with centrifugal clutch and direct drive.
    The bike I'm trying these on is a standard triangle, sturdy 21" chro-mo frame, hardtail mountain bike with street tires.

    The jury is still out on some issues like serviceability over the long haul but early impressions are:

    The shift on the fly idea is a good concept, the only real free wheeling friction drive I know of.
    Sturdy mount components.

    Incomplete mounting instructions.
    Issues with getting the mount geometry absolutely correct for efficient FD.

    I've had several FD kits from other manufacturers and have used a variety of engines on a wide variety of bikes. The cons above about instructions and geometry were not much of an issue for me but I think that previous experience was essential to working some of the bugs out of these mounts.
    When I first mounted one of these kits to a bike I took it out for a two mile spin and probably had more tire wear in that distance than a hundred on my other friction drives. Getting the drive spindle correctly positioned 90 degrees to the plane of the the wheel and exactly parallel to the axle took considerable tweaking. The shift on the fly mount creates some issues that other friction mounts don't have and I think if this was the first kit someone tried dealing with those issues could be difficult.
  6. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member


    It's been two years since my review and just reading it over I feel this kit deserves an update. Any issues I mentioned were negligible or have long been resolved and these friction drive kits are great performers and a quality product built to last. A big plus is the free wheeling feature and has made it a favorite to ride.
  7. dirtwarrior

    dirtwarrior Member

    I have an awful experience with Dimension Edge FD kit. Before I paid them communication was great.
    When I got my kit all that changed dramatically. The brackets were made wrong and I emailed them and got no response at all.
  8. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Dimension Edge has erased the word quality from their bizz model. My 1st kit from them was flawless back in 2008, I was impressed with the kit. 2nd kit I bought used and was dumbfounded by the lack of quality. The uchannel wasn't bent to specs, way of attaching the roller to the crank shaft was micky mouse. Dang shame they lost a customer for life over that 2nd kit. Even though I bought it used the problem was in the production of the kit and it's design. Never again!