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  1. cdtbeast

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    Are there any direct gear drive bicycles out there.
    Previously I have run chain & Friction systems with a varying degree of success & failure. However these were on my mountain bike.

    Currently however I am building an "Atomic Zombie" chopper bicycle. Check out their website if you havn't already. basically it is a bicycle chopper running a car rim on the rear end.

    my plan is to run my setup direct drive using a ring gear from an automatic car trannie mounted to the left side of the rim on the hub. Then having a gear directly mounted to the engine, So effectivley the idea is similar to a friction drive minus ny slippage. + with such a large rear tyre a friction drive won't be feasable.
    To make starting this hulk a little easier rather than pedal start I was considering using a small starter motor to get her rollin & firing, also a small battery & magneto mounted direct to the ring gear.

    Also mounting a quick hinged realease so if all goes awry I can pedal the mother to safety, albiet slowly.

    So my question here is: Does anyone know of a direct gear to gear bike already out there.

    p.s before anyone says anything, gear noise is of no concern to me.

  2. Gear noise would actually RULE! You would have to keep the gears connected though (unless you like mashed gears) with something else connecting and disconnecting it all together,like if the second gear is also like a flywheel with a manual clutch pack right on that. Riding freewheel would be like riding a Happy Time freewheel and you can do clutch starts.
    I do like your idea. Adding a quick hinge release would be like removing your chain except effortless.
    Also,if you have an engine that needs a jackshaft because it turns the wrong way the gear answer will keep the drive on the same side for you need the engine turning the opposite direction of wheel rotation.
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  3. loquin

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    However, the auto transmission will probably be too big for a small engine (2 HP range) to turn.

    I have seen links (here) to an ad for a bicycle with a drive shaft - if you search the site using "drive shaft" as the search term, it should come up.
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    I've never seen a gear drive build. Interesting idea.
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  5. spad4me

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    Have you priced a shaft drive bicycle OUCH!

    A staton nuvinci setup is cheaper. at $1,500.00
  6. cdtbeast

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    I have been searching the net for months & cannot find any direct gear to gear drive syatems around.

    Essentially it will work the same as a roller on the rear tyre system, but with a whole lot more noise & a WHOLE lot less slip & tyre wear.
    By using the gear flywheel off of a car it can be direct mounted to the rim hub the same as a chain flywheel, a standard high speed starter motor can be used on it to bump start it, a small magneto/alternator can be attatched & the sprocket can double as a brake disc as there won't be any messy chain oil.
    also if I run it on the left side then it runs in reverse as I need so the standard pedal sprocket system will be retained as usual.

    Also eventually I will swap the starter motor for a small electric motor that can be hinged off once the petrol motor is driving & can be used for low speed quiet travelling when the petrol motor is disengaged. Also this means that I can gear the petrol motor for higher speeds & use the electric for low speed. The first true hybrid motorized bicycle hahaha. :grin:

    Also the final plan would be to use an electric motor that also doubles as an alternator to recharge the battery on longer stop start trips, or trips where there is nowhere to plug the bikes battery in @ the other end.

    I regularly did up to 50km a day on my last roller system I had on my mountain bike.
  7. loquin

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    They start at less than $300

    Incline DirectGlide shaft-drive bikes start at about $300 for comfort bike with a 3-speed internal hub.

    Dekra Starts at about $350 for a direct-drive 7-speed internal hub. Dekra also sells women's versions of all three.

    Dynamic Bicycles direct drive bikes start at about $650.

    I've also seen belt drive bikes that show promise for under $450
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  8. spad4me

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    loquin no flames
    I thought this was about a drive shaft bicycle.
    It is about a gear drive?
    I use GNU/Linux with web protection levels that I will not lower.
    I can only see the bikemania site.

    Isnt a 3 speed Sturmey Archer Internal Gearing setup too flimsy for a motorized bicycle?

    My world wide web that I experience is very different from yours.

    Safe boring with out Windows.
  9. cdtbeast

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    Can't see a shaft drive handling the torque & backlash/compression braking of a 100cc 4stroke honda engine. :shock:

    Here is a pic of the bike I am building.

    The rear tyre on this is a car tyre. The actual design comes from a site called "Atomic Zombie" however none of theirs are motorized as of yet so I will be the first.

    Here is a pic of my last bike towing home my new guitar amp running the 100cc honda engine as a friction roller direct on the rear tyre. 60kmh top speed & 60km distance on 1 litre of premium unleaded. :cool:
  10. loquin

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    There were no flames. You said that a nuvinci at $1500 was cheaper than a shaft drive bike. I just posted that there are shaft drives bikes available for a lot less than that.

    A sturmey archer 3-speed may be too flimsy to incorporate as a part of a drive setup. However, a 50cc motor produces quite a bit less peak torque than a human pumping peddles. For example, when I stand up and peddle, I'm supplying about 150 foot-pounds of torque to the bike. (Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary...:smile:)

    If you do a google search for the names listed above, you can find other links that may suit your web protection levels. The dekra site is the actual manufacturers site. Is the the flash content which is keeping you away? The two direct links to the individual bikes don't have flash, I believe.

    Plus, os/browser has zero to do with the topic...

    cdtbeast - that setup you're discussing should be using motorcycle hardware!!! It's hard to think of the bike you're building as a motorized bicycle! :shock: ;) Are you actually going to try to peddle that bike?
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  11. HoughMade

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    Dude, that bike is totally impractical, totally nuts, totally irrational.... and totally cool. I love it!
  12. cdtbeast

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    **** yea it can be pedaled. Take a look @ the atomic zombie wesite. Or look up Atomic Zombie chopper bicycle on google or youtube. The guy who designed it actually rides it on the video. It all comes down to correct gearing.
    I need the motor as I travel 30km a day to work (15km ea way).

    The reason the shaft won't handle the load is 3fold: 1) It is under constant load 2) when the throttle is opened hard it gets all the load with one big jolt 3)BACKLASH or compression braking (worst of the 3) as it is a direct drive there is no clutch so all the force suddenly works in reverse slowing the bike through engine compression. Which is actually handy for slowing in a hurry in the wet when a car pulls out of a driveway & the brakes slip.

    Becuase of the long distances I travel & the fact that I work nights & finish @ 10pm I need a system that is almost bulletproof. Hence why I don't like chains, belts & friction to tyre drives. Gear to gear is a direct contact
    less messy & easy to disengage completly from the sproket if it all goes wrong inside the engine. . By using a car tyre I know it can handle the load & speed & will last a **** of a lot longer. The rear sprocket can also double as a brake disc. :smile: