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Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by foyeburger, Feb 17, 2007.

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    I'd be interested in hearing how it does if anyone decides to try it...
  4. gone_fishin

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    i've invited lou, the president of directhits, to come talk to us about it. he seems interested, i hope he jumps in.
  5. DrSpark

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    AT the request of Augi, I have joined this thread to provide some insight into the DirectHits technology and answer questions about applications.

    First, DirectHits is a pulsepower derived technology that utilizes a capacitor to store energy during the beginning of the ignition event and discharge the energy very quickly once the resistance spark gap has been overcome and a spark channel generated. This process increases the peak power of the spark and reduces cycle-to-cycle variations in combustion pressure which is the result of poor ignition.

    A good analogy, is the AA battery. In a flashlight you get a beam of light, but put the battery in a flash camera...that's the difference

    One thing you need to stay aware of..the small engines you are using are generally ignition challenged. They do not have a lot of energy and when using DirectHits with them you generally need to set a smaller than stock gap.

    Torque is probably the most noticeable benefit you will extract based on your applications and all applications will take the DirectHits S80 product.

    You must use a non-resistor spark plug with an insulator 1" long and capped with a threaded post. This is what the DirectHit attaches to.

    If I can answer any questions please feel free to respond

    Lou Camilli
  6. foyeburger

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    hi just jumping in here so will the direct hit burn more of the fuel in the combustion chamber causing more torque seems to me these small engines dont burn all the fuel but losses it in the exhaust. if it did then it would run smoother me thinks larry ca
  7. DrSpark

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    2-strokes, especially these little ones you play with are not very sophisticated with regard to fuel or emissions management. They are typically fueled rich to ensure starting and reasonable power. This is a condition DirectHits excells in.

    Burning more of the presented fuel in a shorter period of time is one of the sources of the improved power.
  8. foyeburger

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    so im a bit confused on sparkplugs do we use the regular sparkplug and the direct hit fits over the plug and make the plug gap a bit smaller for performance larry ca
  9. DrSpark

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    Some of these small engines use what is called the "M" plug which has a very short ceramic sticking out of the shell. These have to be repalced with ISO non-resistor spark plugs with the ceramic at or near 1" in length with a threaded top.

    The DirectHits thread to this top so the length and the threaded post are essential.

    Yes, attach the S80 DirectHit to the sparkplug, reduce the gap (10-15%) to get the power. If you get any missing at all reduce the gap further.
  10. gone_fishin

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    drspark, re: the original post/link to the directhits kit.

    do you offer the kit? if not, what spark plug #'s would you recommend as being best to work with?
  11. foyeburger

    foyeburger Guest

    ok augi i ordered one bout and 1/2 hour ago she said it would arrive thursday i have to work but will give update . on it she also gave a discount cause of the forum i belive thats what she said runs i think she said 42 or 46 bucks so i think it ships from calif. anyway im excited to try this product sounds very promising larry ca i just called the 888 # and placed the order for the s-80
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    I hear a lot of mentionings about extra power. About how much power can be gained? Will it increase my climbing ability and speed?

  13. psuggmog

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    I wonder if the crankshaft and and bearings of the little chinese engines are robust enough to last with the extra stress applied by the extra power developed.
  14. pianoman8t8

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    It sounds like a good product, but I don't think it would fit in the very little room i have on my bike... the spark plug cap is pretty much almost hitting the top bar.

  15. pianoman8t8

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    this is how little room i have from the plug to the bar...

  16. foyeburger

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    alright just got home and here is the direct hit packege. ill check it out tommoro cause its late already will update one thing i did notice is no plug wire just the direct hit that fits on the plug so ill have to change over to the wire maybe for the tip of the plug will see later larry ca
  17. gone_fishin

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    can't wait, and i'm crossing my fingers for a good result :)
  18. foyeburger

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    ok first thing i noticed was i had to change the plug wire from the cdi to the direct hit to a automotive style wire so that it would fit on the direct hit the wires we have on it stock wont work. ( stock wires we remove the tip of the plug to use ) on the direct hit. you take it off(the tip) to screw the direct hit onto the plug
    then use the automotive wire and boot or a automotive boot which ever works for you(using the stock wire just change the boot i guess you would call it a pop on boot i guess dont know what to call it anyway dont ant to get complicated here . its real easy anyway it comes with a lock washer that goes ontop the sparkplug then screw on the direct hit to the plug ( says it grounds the direct hit to complete the electrical circle) . well guess what i lost the lock washer already so cannot continue till i get one from hardware store tommoro . i guess im in a hurry i dont know if it was with the packege or it was missing . i just ripped it open so maybe it was there . but alas cannot find it right now so will contine tommorro. larry ca
  19. foyeburger

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    next issure non-resistant plugs i just came back from auto store got some ngk sparkplugs B7HS so ask the guy if he knew how to tell if they were non-resistor type plugs cause your suppose to use them with the direct hit nobody seemed to know so dr.spark what plug would you recomend how can you tell what is a non resitor plug. anybody know how to tell? ps. got the lock washer i needed a star lock washer
    larry ca
  20. foyeburger

    foyeburger Guest

    ok got it all on the bike new plug ngk b7hs new plug wire automotive type direct hit in place with lockwaser so today ill ride weather forcast sunny in the 60's let it warm up a bit and ill take some photos also to post bringing a screw driver to dial in the carb i got one of those newer cars with idle and air screws on it ill have to mess with it to dial it in today planing a ride to san luis obispo from the beaches here pismo shell and avila beaches onto san luis should be a nice run any way thats the plan larry ca will report later