Dirt Drags

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    Rif, The OHV you rode I think belongs to Mike McWhirter. Johnny's bike was very fast at the start, but wouldn't rev past 3200 RPMs due to the magneto used. It was also geared very low and produced lots of torque until it ran out of RPMs. Sadly I only managed to tape a few minuites of the "dirt drags", and only have a practice run and one drag on tape of my trips to the finish line. The only tape is of me and Johnny running the modified class.

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    Ah, well.
    It sounds like a great time was had by all though!
    Sorry I havent sent that carb back yet. I fell a little embarrased about this, but I lost your address again...:rolleyes:
    Could you PM it to me?
    Talk to ya' soon...