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    Well I now patiently waiting for the re-shipment of my PowerKing Jet Stealth 80cc engine kit from ZoomBicycles. This is my first engine kit and first build, so I'm pretty anxious to get going. I first ordered my kit on the 8th of this month because of the holiday weekend it didn't end up going out until the 15th. Because of that zoom upgraded my kit for free (only $5 difference) but still that was nice of them. So the kit was supposed to be here the 22nd, according to the tracking info it hadn't been scanned since after being cleared at customs, I called ups and they assured me that the delivery date was still good but as I suspected it didn't show up. I called zoom the following day and they shipped a new one out that day(yesterday) which was really good customer service on there part, no problems or questions. Hopefully this one makes it and I'll have it by next thursday. Really a bummer though, I had my self all worked up ( in a good way) it was almost like christmas but then santa never came. But every cloud has a silver lining and in this particular instance the silver lining is that zoom did there job and took care of the customer so bravo to them. Its unfortunate in this day and age that you have to wonder if a company will simply do there job, just what they said they would do. But apparently zoom stepped up and UPS did not.

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    Man, I know what you mean, waiting for the UPS truck and a new toy is rough on a man.
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    That's a bummer. But once the wait is over and you build your bike this won't bother you one little bit anymore.

    And good for ZoomBicycles. It sounds like they went beyond the call of duty.

    Thumbs down on UPS.