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    well finally done getting all the kinks worked out of my bike, or at least well enough to finally get it to work....lots of carb issues , least of my worrys now. During lunch decided to go out for a ride to get some lunch and on the way back got into an accident when a lady pulled right in front of me into driveway of shopping complex i was going about 15-20 and had to drop my bike instead of going over back of car. ended up in emergency room via ambulance , yeah there was a big ol' to do with ambulance, fire and chp on scene. thankfully there were nice people to help and persuaded me to go to the hospital where i found out i had a broken hand. my bike is done , barely had 150 miles on it. bent rims, bent crank,broken throttle, torn seat, brakes all seezed, scratched tank with dent and who knows what else, havent checked engine . i didn't even get pics before accident so after pics are after accident. oh yeah it hurts , alot , if i can put x rays up i will ...... could have been worse just ten more feet.

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  2. Ouch! I feel for ya man. I've had people pull right in front of me while riding my motorbike. People just don't see you unless you're driving a car. Sue her for a new bike!
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    well its good you made it. good luck! mitch
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    Glad nothing serius happened to you.Thats why I where a DOT approved Helmet and Motorcycle Jacket with Armor in it when I ride my whizzer.
  5. It totally looks fixable. Maybe you can get some Wheelman wheels after you get that bike check.
    I would totally sue. Especially with your hand.
    Can you work like that?
    Can you ride your bike to work?
    Get a lawyer.
    Or collect your bills and estimates and go to small claims.
    Nice ain't good enough.
    Sorry but this is a fact of life.
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    I hope you recover from your injuries soon. Glad it wasn't worse.
    I think a major problem with the MBs safety is that other motorists don't think we're going as fast was we are and try to turn in front of us, apparently thinking that it will take us longer to get to them than it really does.
    That's why I always wear my DOT helmet (Bell Bandito from Wal-Mart for $45) and am extra careful whenever I see an old lady with blue hair in an old Cadillac fixing to turn or pull out in front of me.
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    ouch! that sucks! I've been there too man, on my pedal-powered bike. I've had people make right turns in front of me, pull out of driveways, all sorts of stuff. I got doored once and flipped over the bars. I can't imagine how bad that would have been if I was on a MB. I hope she stuck around to see what she did. Did you get her information? Were the cops there to file a report?

    It just comes down to anticipating every bonehead move these cagers make, being as visible as possible and taking as much of the lane as you feel comfortable with. I try not to hug the curb and usually ride in a wheel groove.
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    I rode motorcycles for 20 years. I don't own one now, but I learned then to EXPECT people to do crazy stuff like that. I had many stitches and broken bones caused by other drivers.
    Every intersection and every side street I expect someone to do something crazy. And they don't let me down. It's just a way of thinking. I use my brakes a lot and I'm still alive.
    I hope you'll be motorin' again soon.
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    Sorry about your injuries man, but glad you went to the hospital.

    I also agree with large, collect your bills and go to small claims.

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    That looks bad. If she was in the wrong, get a good lawyer. I always make eye contact with a driver that is stopped at a crossing street. If I can't see recognition in his/her eyes, I slow down till they see me or I don't cross in front. . Hang in there. Sorry that happened.
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    Sorry for your injuries man.. hope you are ok and doing a little better now. Get the lady to pay for your bike. By being nice at first and if that don't work get a lawyer. You could get a whole new setup. Hang in there and I hope you will feel better. My heart goes out to you and it makes me think about being careful when I'm out and about. People don't see ya. We are either in two states; 1) invisible or 2) have a big target on us.
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    I'm no expert on this, but I don't think lawyers and small claims court are necessary; her liability insurance is meant to cover damage she does. This is a perfect example.

    There was a police report, right?

    And this may not come up, but I'll mention it anyway. Over the years I've let people off the hook when they say, "Well, I'd really rather not get the police and insurance people involved....." (No insurance, I'm sure) so I've let them out of it with a promise to pay. I can think of three instances. On one, they guy paid. The other two just left me hanging. And we're not talking about a lot of money, either. Couple hundred bucks, that sort of thing.

    Such a pity. You try to be nice. You try not to judge. And they can't seem to behave honorably even when it's not so hard. I'm insisting on a police report from now on.

    But to get back to the point; she's responsible for the damage to your bike, your medical bills, lost income, and probably other things.
  13. crabdance

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    Good advice Blue... He should be able to get everything back to better than where it was when the accident occurred. Wasn't that a whizzer engine on your mb?
  14. eljefino

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    sue sue sue!

    This case is so easy, whittle the PI lawyer down to 25% from the usual 33%.

    Glad you're up and typing.
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    Glad you're OK...somewhat.
    The bike doesn't look at all that bad, except you might get a kink in your neck sitting on that seat facing sideways! :)

    I always ride slower when there's driveways and such, and I do also slow down while passing through intersections, too. I think locking it up at 15mph will allow you pretty good control, but any faster and you're dealing with possible issues.

    I would definitely go after her if she doesn't replace everything, medical, bike, etc, and if she's sh-itty about the whole thing, well, there's plenty of ambulance-chasers in everyone's home town...they'll take this one without thinking twice, and I agree, beat them up on their cut too...they won't spend even 5 minutes in front of a judge, IF it even goes that far. Usually the insurance company will simply settle to make you go away and never come back.

    IN the last 2 weeks, I have been noticing a LOT more scooters on the road, and I'm sure it's directly related to gas prices....this is a good thing, because more and more people will become aware, and hopefully better legislation will come out of this mess to protect the other forms of transportation like pedestrians are protected.

    If you don't wear a helmet, WEAR A HELMET NOW! How much more proof do you all need? Accidents happen. Period.
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    Get a lawyer now! I hate attorneys but think theyre a necessary evil. Most insurance cos will pay your actual damages right away but where the lawyer comes in is for your pain and suffering and other consequential losses. Insurance cos are brutes and unless you know all the rules of the game they will eat you alive. Even if the lawyer takes a 1/3 youll still come out ahead rather than going it alone. I wouldnt choose an ambulance chaser who advertises on tv id get one thats recommended by his peers. Im rambling but this person caused you great harm and you need to be made WHOLE not just a little whole. This subject pees me off Ive been screwed so many times..............
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    Hey everyone i really appreciate all the worrys and great advice, i definatley was wearing a helmit and i definately called a lawyer..... i cant say too much about the issue for obvious reasons but the lady did stick around and the chp officer did get a report so well see what happens. -- my bike does still look good but the cost of repair just cost about as much as a new cruiser . my engine i picked up from ebay at a steal so im sure its no whizzer crabdance i think its a chinese engine, and i hope it still starts up when i put it on my a new bike soon.. i cant really cruise around now safely with a casted hand , so im back to the SUV, dang it. i do consider myself safe but sometimes that just is not enough. thanks again for all the concern i knew you would all understand my pain for the bike , poor thing.
  18. Snax

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    That's something I am strongly considering once I get mine on the road. Cagers simply don't expect bikes to go as fast as motored ones can, so the potential for conflict seems higher than with riding a motorcycle. The only question I have is: 3/4 or full face??

    Glad you made it out alive Moondog!
  19. Accender

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    + 1

    Looks like you will heal up! "everyone please wear a GOOD helmet.
    Hope it all works out for you, and happy times are in your future!

  20. Scottm

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    Thank God you're okay . Reminds us we can't trust anyone, and they don't expect a bike to be moving so quickly. Good job on wearing you helmet.