Disc brake conversion fork?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Matt_b, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Matt_b

    Matt_b New Member

    doesnt anyone know where to get a fork that will fit this steer tube that is double crown and has discbrake mounts? The brakes on my Downhill bike would but just about any sports car to shame.

  2. bill green

    bill green Member

    Hi matt I pm you on an ambassator front end complete.let me know Bill Green
  3. fsprandy

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    Lot's of good bicycle forks out there that should be easily adapted and will put the Whizzer forks to shame. Swing by a good bicycle shop with your Whizzer and they should be able to tell you just what will fit. You'll probably have a hard time keeping that big steel front fender though.

    I'd be worried about how well the Whizzer frame will hold up to the greatly increased braking loads. Might want to avoid frequent stoppies and save the new brake for emergencies.
  4. Matt_b

    Matt_b New Member

    Fsprandy the problem is the whizzer uses a threaded head tube and all mountain bikes above toys r us level use non threaded. I have a nice down hill fork Id love to put on it but I dont think it would work.
  5. fsprandy

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    The older mountain bikes used threaded forks and it seems like they could be converted to threadless. Have you looked to see if there is a threadless headset available that will fit? If you get it to work let me know. The front "brake" on mine is the most pitiful piece of carp ever created by man. The forks are the second.
  6. peter nap

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    PM sent Bill!
  7. ihatemybike

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    It's too bad Whizzer doesn't use the modern threadless headsets, but there might be hope. Back when threadless was new to BMX, some riders wanted to use the new 1 1/8" forks in their 1" frames. Someone figured out that you could take the 1" threaded Tioga MX-II headset to a machine shop and have the races milled out to fit the 1 1/8" fork, resulting in a 1"/1 1/8" hybrid headset.
  8. Matt_b

    Matt_b New Member

    maybe ill just try to find a better front drum? does anyone know of a company making a nice drum brake?
  9. Whizzer drum

    Hi, what seems to be the problem with your drum brake? Mine work just fine

  10. peter nap

    peter nap Member

    I'd like to know your secret Mike. My front brakes are unacceptable and the rear is a joke. AND that's after I adjusted them. The dealer had them set in suicide mode.
  11. Best Bike Shop

    I feel the pain. The best shop laughed at the heavy weight forks on my Whizz. Hope the Ambass. is better. Hydros only for real stops. Looks easily adaptable.

    I really like the retro look.. But the technology behind these bikes is so far gone - that the MTN forks will out perform them while sleeping.

    I ask AGAIN..... Where is WILLY-G-WHIZZER
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  12. Drum and coaster

    Hi Peter. I have always had reasonable sucess stopping my 05 Whizzer. Now granted it is all flat here. I weigh 275, and ride my factory bike most of the time 23-28 mph because I like the sound and feel of the engine there.

    I can and do ride faster, and sucessfully stop. I would love to shift my Whizzer, mostly to keep RPM down, and have that feel at a bit more speed.

    I know that MFG parts sometimes change over years of production. Have you checked your front brake to see if you have full engagement of the lining? IF your lining is not in full contact with the drum (we used to "arc-grind" our brake shoes in the FlatHead Ford days) then you will only have the percentage of stopping power equal to the contact area on the shoes.

    I hope this concept helps someone.

  13. peter nap

    peter nap Member

    I haven't checked them Mike. So far, I've let the dealers work on them. Dealer 1 is inexperienced but dealer 2 has 30 years experience as a motorcycle mechanic. These are band brakes and I do need to pull one apart to see how they work.

    It is impossible to lock either wheel up to a skid. To give you an idea how bad the back brake is, dealer 1 unscrewed it by holding the brake lever and backing down a ramp. (He had not locktited it). The brake was completely inoperable.

    I didn't notice for a long time because it just barely slows you on the best days. I have come close to rear ending cars at speeds as low as 15mph.

    The brakes are by far, the biggest complaint I have and I am amazed Whizzer hasn't been sued over an accident.
  14. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I can give everyone a little information to improve the front drum brake. Use a hack saw and cut grooves approx 1/16" deep across the shoes, but place the grooves at an angle. Cut the groove so that the area nearest the spokes is aimed towards the rear, it will cause the brake "dust" to exit the hub. Often the "dust" will cause the brake to "sqeal", and if enough is keep inside the hub it can also reduce the performance. The simple little grooves, also help the brake shoes grip inside the hub. I depend on the front brakes far more than I do the rear, in fact I only use the rear to make the stop more stable. Just in case anyone anyone wants to try disc brakes without spending a small fortune, I purchased several old Schwinn disc brakes setups [on ebay] and will easily adapt to the Whizzer front forks [not the Ambassador model].
    Have fun,
    Whizzer OuterBanks LTD
    A North Carolina Corporation
    Quenton "Lee" Guenther
  15. peter nap

    peter nap Member

    Thanks Quenton. That's a good suggestion and now that you mention it, brake dust has always been a common cause of problems in brakes.

    I wish all Whizzer dealers were as well informed as you, Bill and Mike!
  16. fsprandy

    fsprandy Member

    I don't know what the inside diameter of the head tube is but here is some information I found at nashbar.com on the sizing of threadless headsets:

    Headset size is determined by the outside diameter of the steerer tube on the fork. The most common sizes are: 1" and 1-1/8". If you only have the frame and no fork, you can determine the correct size headset and fork you'll need by measuring the inside diameter of the frame's headtube:

    30.2mm headtube inside diameter = 1" headset and fork.
    34.0mm headtube inside diameter = 1 1/8" headset and fork
  17. Whizzer Rear Brake

    Hi, as much as anything this is for Peter. The rear Band brake on the Whizzer auto-clutch was superseded by an improved two-shoe model. Thea earliest versions of the band had the rivets set too high, and failed prematurely.

    The later bands (bonded linings) work ok, but the 2 shoe expanding is very noticeably more powerful, and the upgrade is Worth it. The front brake is 2-shoe also.

    To my knowledge, there is no manufacturing of Whizzer parts in China, it is all proprietary in Taiwan, ad much nicer results than China.

  18. fsprandy

    fsprandy Member

    If these are made in Taiwan they're doing a heck of a job of mimicking Chinese quality. Take the carburetors for instance. Two of the brands I've seen them use are "Kiehan" (not Keihin) and "Kinhin" (also not Keihin) which look for all the world like a poor attempt at copying a Keihin (very good Japanese) carb. These brands (misspelled Keihin's) are also used on the cheap Chinese motorbikes.