Sprockets DISC brake HUb with a 27T sprocket mounted .

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  1. badmoon

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    I want to know what will be the best idea for a disc brake that will be ok for the 27T sprocket.

    my sprocket is fixed in the 6 holes HUB for the disc brake normally .

  2. HI,

    I am currently working on an adapter that would allow one to mount the sprocket using the disc brake holes AND retain the use of the disc brake itself....I have a prototype almost ready....I will post pics shortly...

    Hope this helps you.

  3. badmoon

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    hey andy ive buy the 27t sprocket from you and fix it into my disc brake hub.
    the 27t work ok good speed not too hot when climbing but its really cool.

    which sprocket you love the best ?
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  4. Hi badmoon,

    Glad you like your sprocket....Currently my bike has a 36T on it but I am looking to change that to a 32T when I get a chance....We have a lot of hills where I live but the tuned pipe helps ALOT!....I may ultimately go higher (i.e. smaller rear sprocket) but I figure it would be a good opportunity of go step by step and see how the bike feels / acts each step of the way....

    Have fun


    PS - You could probably really fly on the level or down hill!
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    so do you will sell prototype muffler with expansion chamber cause i want one yours looking so nice i want it ;0