Disc Brakes (3) On A Trike?

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Fulltimer, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Fulltimer

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    I have looked all over this section for answers or ideas and if they are out there I missed them. I want to put disc brakes on all 3 wheels of my trike. My plan is to use the hand grip part made for 2 brake cables. One cable for the front and here is the ruff part: the other cable goes back and attaches to a cable from EACH back wheel.

    Has anyone done this? If not I'm open to suggestions. I know it can be done. I just don't know how to best do it.

    So, let the ideas flow guys!


    PS: right now I only have the stock front brake. Nothing else!:ack2:
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  2. occchopperfl

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    Did you get my PM?
    It has a front disc brake, $50.00!!! Not sure if its still available. 3 20" tires.
  3. Fulltimer

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    I got the IM but wasn't interested in it. Thanks anyways. How is your bike doing?

  4. vegaspaddy

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    my wifes sun ez ax trike has disk brakes on each wheel, i will take some detailed pics for you tomorow to show the cable routing etc.
  5. Fulltimer

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    Thanks, that would be great!

  6. vegaspaddy

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    hi fulltimer,

    well i checked out the braking on the trike and it turns out that the 2 rear disk brakes are both controlled by the one lever (the same setup the chinadolls use so they can keep the clutch seperate on one side)


    the next pic shows the disk brake mounted to the rear axle frame


    seems to work well for the trike, the whole rig along with the rider has to be pushing 250 to 300 lbs (not the lightest trike) but the brakes have never been an issue, we even tow one of the kids behind in a trailer. Using a staton chain drive with RS 35cc engine to drive it.

    Probably be the easiest solution rather than trying to rig up one cable to run 2 seperate brake blocks.
  7. Fulltimer

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    Thanks for the info and pics! I might have to do a little more thinking on my idea I guess.

  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Rig up the front disc brake first and run the trike. In a short time, you can decide if rear disc brakes are necessary.:idea:
  9. Fulltimer

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    Right now I have a front brake, not a disc though. It just seems that if I had 3 disc brakes that would be best. After all I have 3 tires so might as well use them for stopping.

  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Upgrading the front brake to disc, IMO, would be best. The momentum shift to the front will permit the disc to really "dig in". The extra weight in the tail end will deter the trike from "jacknifing" over.

    A hydraulic disc with large rotor should suffice. You won't be going that fast on a trike with Happy Time, anyway.
  11. occchopperfl

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    Hi Terry,

    For $50.00, you wouldve had your front disc brake, and the rest of the worksman trike free!

    (My bike is on hold for the moment - my goal is to put some time into it this week, and hopefully be done with all the tweaking.)

    Like thats going to happen! :)
  12. Jax Rhapsody

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    Well, that depends. BMX bikes use one lever and cable with a splitter mid way down which works the front and rear brake. I want to run independant rear braking on my trike because of its open differential. kinda like a poor mans traction control.
  13. chainmaker

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    This is possible but, It depends on a couple things..
    1. what type of rear end do You have( factory or bolt on ? )
    2. Do you have disc hubs on the wheels
    3. Is there a mount points for calipers
    4. can You weld ?
    5. Hollow hub wheels or the lowrider style regular wheels.
    6. axel size

    If you post a photo of the rear end of the trike I can probabally help You figure it out.