Disc Brakes?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AlexRSS8, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. AlexRSS8

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    has anyone built a motored bike with discbrakes, i hate coaster brakes and considering disc brakes for my build i'll be starting in july,
    if anyone has done a bike with both front and rear disc brakes, i'd love to hear the experience you've had with these, and some advice, kthnx

  2. azbill

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    there was an English guy who made one work a long time ago,
    do a search and see if it gets you anywhere
    it was a very cool bike :cool2:
  3. Shadeslay

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    From what I've read it's been done. Been looking into it myself, not easy on a beach cruiser. But if your bike has the mounts for them it's not to difficult. The one problem that I've heard on the rear is that the chain likes to get grease in them which makes them less effective.

    If you don't have the mounts, there are rear adapters, just search for "disc brake adapters" and you'll likely come across a few, here's one http://www.woodmancomponents.com/catalog/categorie.php?cat=dis&lang=en another http://www.jerseycycles.com/Product-Pages/A2ZProducts.html. The front I know of no way other then getting mounts brazed on or buying new forks. But truthfully for the price of the woodman, it might be cheaper to have them brazed on.
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  4. jg767

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    I swapped out my front rim brakes to disc this winter because I ride in any weather and rim brakes fade when wet. They work great, my bike is much, much safer, it's well worth the money spent. I bought two more bikes to motorise and they both have disc brakes front and rear. If you want a safe ride, disc brakes are a necessity. I think a front disc would work well with your coaster brake, as the rear requires less braking power, because the weight shifts to the front wheel. I know on cars the front brakes do 70 percent of the stopping and I think bikes are similar. Your front fork must have a disc caliper mount or you can buy an adapter made from billet aluminum. And of course you'll need a disc mount front hub.
  5. Happy Valley

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    Disc brakes? Coaster brakes? Hello, what?
    These are different kinds of bikes from the get go.
    Then, what kind of engine and drive do you want?

    Why don't you begin with telling us what kind of bike you want to start with.
  6. AlexRSS8

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    Well, its a ebay bike with front and rear disc brakes and Front independant suspension, Enough space for a motor, I'll be fitting a 50cc with a pipe from the front to the carby, with a top speed of 54kms.

    Now im looking if i need to remove the rear disc brakes and replace them with the standard brakes, running on the 75/25 ratio, 75 front, 25 rear braking power.

    I'd like to use a 50/50 braking ratio, but thats just me

    when i build it up i'll post updates and bumps in the road i come across, I'll be using a 50cc starfire, Used, which i'll rebuild and clean the carby out

    anything else you'd like to know?

    and if worried about the no name bike dont, I've got a mate whos tested this bike to bmx standards, and it hasnt had a problem (bmx being going over jumps and ramps at high speed.
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  7. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    i've decided, gasman bikes penrith sells a 50cc mb with the setup i want, Disc brake fronts, and standard rears
    comes with front suspension, but its pretty sweet, i'll put the used motor on and sell the new one, sell the new one for a killing
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    sell the new one for a killing ?????????

    I have disc front and back -- they work great

    sell the new one for a killing ???????
    haven't seen that done much around here !!!!!!!!

    ride the motor bike thing
  9. Heathen

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    I'm running disc brakes on the front and v-brakes on the rear. the disc brakes are great and i prolly use the front brake 70-75 % more then my rear brake.

    I have been thinking of mounting a disk caliper on the rear sprocket, but i haven't been able to find a caliper that is wide enough to fit onto the sprocket. And i'm worried that the lubricant from the chain might couse the disk brake to fail.

    Has any one mounted a caliper onto the rear sprocket and have it work properly?
    if so where did you get a caliper that fits?

  10. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    yeah, i'm currently enquiring about the bike at question, asking if it can be sold without the motor, my brother is also interested in the same bike, so were looking at buying 2 (fitting one with my 50cc, and one with a 70cc)
  11. jg767

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    I'm sorry, I thought he said he "had" coaster brakes but I see he wrote"hate" coaster brakes. my mistake. My point is if you have coaster brakes you can add front disc brakes and keep the rear coaster as the front brakes do 70 percent of the work anyway.
  12. AlexRSS8

    AlexRSS8 Member

    hehe, i thought everyone hated coaster brakes, well i know i hate mine
  13. outrunner2

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    Disc Brakes or Drum brakes?

    For a simple and easy solution for good front brakes, try looking at the
    front wheel and drum brake set-up from Huskybicycles.com
    It will bolt right on and they work great. About $79.00
  14. impression

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    i'm pretty sure that Alex would be better off getting a bike of higher quality than one in a premade kit for $450....($320 US )...

    but he's young so he is a bit cash strapped, so second hand would be the way to go.

    You'd want to know that the bike can handle the stress of a motor on it and have decent quality parts, also an alloy bike is preferable ( in my opinion anyways, easier to start, use less fuel, easier to carry up stairs and if needed to jump a gutter...)

    take a look in the trading section on these forums, i'm sure you could find something for your needs close by :)